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Oh, he was the biggest star in the studio! [...] He shone the brightest! Back in the day.

Jack Hammer was a once-famous action star who played the Evil Magistrate, the main villain in the Global Studios show The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo. He was the victim in Phoenix Wright's third case.

A shining star[]

Jack Hammer starred in a number of productions at the height of his acting popularity, with his filmography including Samurai Summer (a summer romance film that came to become one of Maya Fey's favorite movies), The Singing Samurai (a musical film set in ancient Japan about a samurai who sings his way to fame and fortune), Dynamite Samurai, and Bearded Samurai.

Fall of a star[]

Manuel Death Photo

The death of Manuel.

In 2011, during the course of filming a scene for his next big movie, Hammer accidentally pushed his co-star Manuel onto a spiked fence, killing him. The producer, Dee Vasquez, covered up the incident, and she began to blackmail Hammer, forcing him to play various low-paid villain roles including the Evil Magistrate, the main villain on the television show The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo.

Failed vengeance[]

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Steel meets Dee

Confronting Vasquez.

One day, fed up with his situation, Hammer decided to confront Vasquez and murder her. He drugged Will Powers with sleeping pills and stole his Steel Samurai costume. Then, by faking a limp Powers had sustained during a run-through, Hammer limped past the security cameras to implicate his co-star. Arriving at Studio Two, Hammer confronted Vasquez and made to kill her with the Samurai Spear prop. Unfortunately for the action star, during the struggle Vasquez accidentally pushed him onto the same iron fence that had ended the life of Manuel, and he was impaled through the heart.

Vasquez proceeded to cover up this murder, with the aid of Sal Manella. The two destroyed the Steel Samurai costume in a furnace and drove the corpse of Hammer to Studio One in an attempt to draw attention away from Vasquez and put the blame on Powers.

Powers was quickly accused of the crime, but with the help of Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, and Miles Edgeworth, the true culprit was uncovered in court.


Jack Hammer


Little is known of Hammer's personality as he died before Wright could encounter him. However, his actions seem to indicate that his accidental killing of Manuel and subsequent blackmail turned him into a bitter man.

He obviously developed a deep hatred towards Vasquez, but also a resentment towards Powers, who had landed the lead heroic role in a show in which Hammer was forced to play a hated villain. To add insult to injury, he was then paid "peanuts" for his hard work. Tired of his mistreatment and declining reputation, he was driven to attempt murder, which ironically ended in his own death. Vasquez at one point implied to Wright that Manuel's death was not accidental, but that Hammer had done it on purpose. It's never confirmed whether what she says is true, although she does ask why else Hammer would let her mercilessly run his life otherwise.[1]


  • Japanese - Takeshi Ibukuro (衣袋 武志):
    • "Ibukuro" (衣袋) is a pun of 胃袋 (also pronounced Ibukuro), which means "stomach" or "torso", where he was stabbed.
  • English - Jack Hammer:
    • His full name is a play on jackhammer, a construction tool.
    • "Hammer" may also be a reference to Hammer Film Productions. It may also be a reference to his Japanese name themed around his death, as a jackhammer punctures things, and his chest was pierced.
  • French - Jacques Hammer:
    • A play on the jackhammer construction tool, like his English/German/Spanish/Italian localized name.


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Martim Leite: [2]
    • "Martim" is the Portuguese equivalent of the English name "Martin", with both originating from the Latin "Martīnus", meaning "of war/warlike/martial" or "of [the Roman God] Mars".
    • "Leite" is a common Brazilian surname.
    • The full name is based on his English name, as it is a play on "martelete" (jackhammer).


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    Phoenix: What do you mean?
    Vasquez: Must I spell everything out for you? Think: what would it be if it wasn't an accident?
    Phoenix: ...! No... No way! You mean Mr. Hammer did it... on purpose?
    Vasquez: That is what I mean.
    Phoenix: Wh-where's your proof! Can you prove it!?
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