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Jake Marshall
They shoot you in Texas for that!

Jake Marshall was a cowboy-obsessed patrol officer with the Los Angeles Police Department when Bruce Goodman was murdered. He often makes references to the state of Texas, even though he is actually from Los Angeles.

Detective career[]

Jake Marshall acted as a mentor to Dick Gumshoe when he started out in the force, giving him a small cactus that he claimed would "listen to all [his] troubles."


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The SL-9 team.

In February of 2015, Jake Marshall took a case with his brother Neil Marshall, detective Angel Starr, detective Bruce Goodman and chief detectives Damon Gant and Lana Skye to track down serial killer Joe Darke. However, tragedy stuck when Darke escaped police custody during a blackout and ran into Ema Skye. Neil chased Darke and began fighting him to protect Ema. When others arrived on the scene, Neil was found dead.

Darke was tried for Neil's death on top of his other murders and was found guilty. After the incident, Jake was demoted to patrolman and designated to guard the evidence room, but Jake, alongside Starr and Goodman, thought something was wrong with the evidence.

Jake had a laid-back attitude to his duties as a guard. He was supposed to go inside the evidence room to check it three times a day, but stated that it was "not his style" and actually only visited the room once a month to "pay [his] respects."

Murder of Bruce Goodman[]

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Meekins vs Goodman

Disguised as Goodman while being confronted by Meekins.

For the next two years, Jake tried to convince his peers and superiors to reopen the SL-9 case to find out the truth about what happened to his brother. Even though Starr supported him, Goodman stood steadfast. Finally, on February 21st, 2017, the day the SL-9 case was to be closed permanently, Jake stole Goodman's ID. With his knowledge of the layout of the evidence room and its security cameras, his plan was to disguise himself as Goodman and steal the evidence to examine it himself. However, he wasn't sure whether or not to follow through.

Around 5:00 PM, Jake received a call from Lana Skye, who told him Goodman had been murdered. Realizing he only had one chance to find out the truth, he put on his disguise and went inside the evidence room. By luck, Goodman's locker was open, but was empty. Jake then went to head back out, but was stopped by officer Mike Meekins, who asked for his ID. Jake panicked and, knowing his cover would be blown if he showed Goodman's ID, pulled out a knife. Meekins lunged at Jake, cut his own hand and passed out. With his white coat bloodied, Jake went to his own locker and stuffed the coat inside, but mistakenly left a sleeve out.

The next day, Jake was assigned to guard the crime scene, which was at the underground parking lot of the prosecutor's office, and ditched Goodman's ID card there. He assisted defense attorney Phoenix Wright and Lana's sister Ema Skye when they came to investigate; Lana had been accused of Goodman's murder, and Ema had hired Wright to represent her in court.

On the following day, the trial of Lana Skye began. During the trial, word came out that Meekins had been arrested for the murder of what seemed like another "Bruce Goodman" in the evidence room, and the trial was postponed. Jake let Wright and Ema into the evidence room for their investigation. When questioned where he was at 5:15 PM on February 21st, he claimed he was eating spaghetti at a local "saloon". Jake gave Wright the ID card record.

Surprised Marshall

A piece of evidence hits its target.

On the second day of Lana's trial, Wright brought out Jake as a witness. Having put together many of the pieces surrounding the SL-9 Incident, he demanded Jake testify about his whereabouts during the incident in the evidence room. Jake tried to deny being in the evidence room, but his lack of knowledge about the fingerprint sensors on the lockers and the exposed jacket he left hanging revealed he was the man on the security tape caught trying to steal evidence. Thus, the "murder" in the evidence room was exposed as a fake. Although Jake confessed to the deception, he refused to back down from his conviction that the SL-9 trial used forged evidence. He directly called out Lana Skye, daring her to look him in the eye and tell him he was wrong. Instead of denying it, Lana outright confirmed Marshall's suspicions, leaving the courtroom in a state of chaos that led to a suspension of the trial as Jake watched on, unsurprised.


After court was suspended for the day, Jake decided to turn himself in to the prosecutor's office, but not before giving Wright more information. When the trial resumed the next day, Wright used his information in concert with other information he had gathered to prove that Gant was the real killer in the murders of both Goodman and Neil.

Jake later told Wright to make sure Billy, his cactus, got his water. Mike Meekins took over his job of guarding the evidence room.

During Miles Edgeworth's investigation into a kidnapping at Gatewater Land, he came across a cactus with a commemorative plaque stating that it was donated by the police force. Edgeworth remembered seeing a cactus "farm" somewhere in the police station, indicating that this was the method used by the police to dispose of Jake's cacti.


Jake Marshall Mugshot


Jake Marshall is obsessed with the Wild West, talking like a stereotypical cowboy and even wearing a poncho and wide-brimmed hat over his guard uniform, with his police badge pinned to his jacket like a sheriff's badge. He tends to be calm and not easily flustered, although he deeply misses his brother. Jake's second favorite food is Angel Starr's Salisbury steak lunch, with his favorite being spaghetti from his local joint.


  • Japanese - Kyōsuke Zaimon (罪門 恭介):
    • "Kyōsuke" (恭介) contains the kanji for "respectful".
    • "Zaimon" (罪門) have the kanji that means "sin" and "gate".
      • The development team claim that it fits well with Gant's Japanese name.
  • English - Jake Marshall:
    • "Marshall" is an English and Scottish surname. Originally it was meant as either a status surname for someone in charge of the horses belonging to a royal household, or as an occupational surname for someone who looked after horses or was responsible for the custody of prisoners. This does fit with Jake Marshall's character, since cowboys are usually associated with horses and his job as a police officer involves detaining criminals. It is also similar to the word "marshal" and is pronounced identically. The choice for Jake may have been partially inspired by James W. Marshall, the American mill worker who first discovered gold in what would become the California Gold Rush; Jake Marshall makes frequent references to gold stakes, prospectors, and the like.
      • "Jake Marshall" and "Neil Marshall" could be plays on "fake marshal" and "real marshal" respectively.
    • French - Alex Marshall:


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Jacó Lampião: [2]
    • "Jacó" (literal translation from Jake) comes from the Hebrew Yaaqobh and means "one who comes from the heel", this is the name of a well-known brother and biblical character (although he is eldest, in contrast to the game), in reference to having a brother.
    • "Lampião" refers to a leader and outlaw member of the Cangaceiro gang of criminals that terrorized the Sertão region, which Jake seems to adopt the style.


  • Jake has a tan complexion, long brown hair and stubble, and brown eyes. He wears a blue police uniform, a cowboy hat and boots, and a tan shawl with white and blue stripes and his police badge with a chain. His accessories include a red handkerchief and brown fingerless gloves.
  • In Jake's early character designs he had a cactus in his pocket. He also had a guitar, but the character designer was asked to take it out.
  • The Skye sisters are analogues of the Fey sisters, with Jake being an analogue of Godot. To distinguish him from Godot, he was given a cowboy persona.[3]
  • The knife Mike Meekins bleeds on is the same one that Jake can often be seen using to shave off stray hairs.
  • Although he claims to be a Texas cowboy, Marshall says a lot of words in foreign languages, such as: "bambina" (Italian for "girl" or "baby", possibly a reference to Italian Spaghetti Westerns) and "hombre" (Spanish for "man", possibly because Texas is on the border with Mexico).
  • Jake's fondness for spaghetti may be another reference to Spaghetti Westerns, with his wearing of a poncho possibly being in reference to that famously worn by Clint Eastwood's character in the Dollars Trilogy of films.
  • His name, personality, and character design are a play on the term "cowboy cop".
  • In the unofficial Brazilian Portuguese fan translation, he speaks with a Nordestino accent, the dialect of Portuguese spoken in the northeast region of Brazil.


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