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Maya Fey
With a scarf around his neck and a guitar in hand, he rises to stardom in an ancient time.

The Jammin' Ninja is a fictional character and popular TV series produced by Worldwide Studios. The TV series starred the titular character, his beloved Princess Misola, and his trademark red guitar. The lead role was played by Juan Corrida until his murder.

The show[]

The Jammin' Ninja with his trademark red guitar.

The show aired at 8 a.m. on Sundays, the same timeslot as Global Studios's The Nickel Samurai. The star of The Nickel Samurai, Matt Engarde, was a fierce rival of Corrida and was accused and convicted of his murder.

As described by Will Powers, the show is a remake of an old film and tells the story of an inept ninja with an enchanting ability to sing. It is with his voice that he manages to charm the Princess Misola, whom he must later rescue from the Muromachi Five. Tragedy strikes when he loses his voice before the third battle.

The Jammin' Ninja's trademark red guitar proved to be a major part of the investigation into his murder, as he "accidentally" left it at the studio.

Despite Corrida's death, the show appears to still be in existence as of March 2019 when a stage show version of the series was performed at the Cohdopian Embassy. Kay Faraday, a massive fan of the series, was present at the performance along with a reluctant Miles Edgeworth. This has led Edgeworth to think that Faraday would rather be a ninja than a thief.


Much like with Global Studios' Samurai franchise, The Jammin' Ninja has various pieces of merchandise for sale, including hair sticks similar to those worn by Princess Misola on the show. Merchandise was seen being sold at the Cohdopian Embassy live stage show.


Despite apparently being a music-based show, the only known song from The Jammin' Ninja is "A Ninja Marked for Death's Lullaby".


  • His name in the German localization, "Minne-Ninja", could be translated as "Minstrel Ninja".
  • In the Spanish version, his name is "El Ninja Fantástico", which means "The Fantastic Ninja".
  • In the Italian version, his name is "Ninja Chitarrone"; "chitarrone" is the Italian word for a "theorbo", which is a type of lute.
  • In the Chinese version, his name is "吉他忍者", which means "Guitar Ninja".


  • The shuriken on his helmet, scarf he wears, and guitar he always carries around may reference Kaiketsu Zubat, a Japanese tokusatsu superhero.
    • His blue and red color scheme and red guitar may be references to the Japanese masked tokusatsu superhero, Kikaider, who shares these characteristics.
  • In the unofficial English fan translation patch for Gyakuten Kenji 2, examining a pair of gas masks in President Di-Jun Huang's private plane during Turnabout Target will cause Kay Faraday to talk about the Jammin' Ninja, including mentioning a villain with a "poison-tongue" called "Saimon Kowal" who appears in the show. This is a reference to Simon Cowell, a reality television judge and producer well-known for his often blunt and controversial comments as a television show judge, including insults and wisecracks about contestants and their singing abilities.