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Jean Greyerl
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Jean Greyerl was the alchemist Newton Belduke's butler, and has taken it upon herself to look after his home since his death. She appeared as a witness in the witch trial of Maya Fey. She was told to pretend to be a boy by Belduke in order to hide the fact that she was a witch.

Early life[]


With her parents.

Like the majority of Labyrinthia's inhabitants, nothing is known of Greyerl's life before she and her parents signed the contract with Labrelum Inc. that wiped those memories away. The Greyerls were an impoverished family in the town, with her father being a bricklayer and she herself a "witch", which she hid from her parents.

One winter, her parents were unable to pay the rent for their house and so were about to lose it. In an attempt to get the money they needed, Greyerl decided to cast a Goldor spell on a fallen leaf to turn it into gold and then sell it. Unfortunately, she instead accidentally targeted her pet goat Margaret when the animal walked right in front of her while she was casting the spell. Knowing that she was in trouble and horrified at what had happened to her friend, Greyerl tried to commit suicide by drowning herself in a river. However, she was soon saved by Newton Belduke, who allowed her to stay with him in his house under the guise of a male butler in order to waylay suspicion (as only females can be witches). Belduke paid the rent for her parents, and they in turn allowed her to stay under the protection of the alchemist. It was during her time as a butler that she met and befriended the town's courier, Lettie Mailer.


One stormy night, five years after she began working for Belduke, and three months before the arrival of Hershel Layton and Phoenix Wright, Greyerl and Belduke witnessed a bell tower suddenly appear in the Town Square after a lightning strike. The butler noticed that her master's personality drastically changed after the event. Later, she noticed that he was writing a letter which mentioned "exposing the witch". She believed that her master was talking about her and she felt betrayed by him, and so plotted to stop him. One night, Greyerl placed a soporific inside Belduke's drink of tomato juice before delivering it to him in his office. She then later, using the Godoor spell, created a portal behind Belduke so she could grab the letter without him noticing. But upon reading that it was addressed to the Storyteller, she strangled her master, who strangely did not resist. She then took out the contents of the envelope and replaced it with parchments of blank paper.

The next morning, Belduke's neighbor and a regular patient, Emeer Punchenbaug, came to visit, and Greyerl asked him for help in breaking down Belduke's door. After they entered the room and saw the dead body, she left the drunkard in charge of the room while she called for the knights, thereby averting any suspicion that she had tampered with the evidence.

After her master's death, Greyerl held onto Belduke's letter, but could never bring herself to either read or destroy it.

Meeting the attorney[]

Main article: The Great Witch

Three months after Belduke's death, Greyerl met Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey while attending to Belduke's house. Upon learning that they were investigating the alchemist's death, she allowed the pair to explore the house and search for clues. But during their investigation, a powerful witch appeared before Fey and Layton in Belduke's study and cast a Goldor spell on the latter. Fearing that suspicion would fall upon her, Greyerl removed the Godoor gem from her Talea Magica and replaced it with the amethyst she wore around her neck to make it look like a Famalia gem. She then created a portal from her room to Belduke's office and dropped the sceptre. Fey was later accused of being the witch who had cast Goldor on Layton and was promptly arrested.


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Real Jean

The real Jean Greyerl.

The next day, Greyerl visited Wright and Fey, giving her condolences for the accused. She claimed that she was awake all night, looking for a way to undo the transmutation on the professor. She then excused herself to return to her duties. However, during Fey's trial, Wright argued that Greyerl was the one responsible for using Godoor and had thrown the sceptre through the portal. When the judge ordered Inquisitor Zacharias Barnham to summon her, Greyerl revealed herself amongst the audience and came down to testify. She eventually revealed to everyone that she was a girl by releasing her long hair, but denied being a witch. Claiming that there was little evidence linking her to what had happened to Layton, Greyerl was about to leave when Wright demanded that she testify about Belduke's death.

Greyerl found herself testifying alongside Punchenbaug and Mailer about the events surrounding Belduke's death. Although she continued to deny any involvement, Wright was able to prove that Greyerl had made plans to steal Belduke's letter because she was afraid that she would be exposed as a witch. Knowing that she was defeated, she revealed her entire past and went on to confess to the letter swapping and being her master's murderer. But when Punchenbaug testified that the tomato juice bottle she had delivered to Belduke was unopened and that he found an empty bottle that had previously held poison, Wright concluded that Belduke had taken his own life and that Greyerl was not guilty of murder. She then presented the real letter and read it, realizing that the witch Belduke talked about was not her and he had cared about her the entire time. Seeing that she was mistaken about her master, Greyerl broke down in tears.

Although Greyerl was innocent of the two incidents, she was still considered guilty of being a witch by the court and was sentenced to be executed. Espella Cantabella, however, intervened and offered her life instead by claiming that she was the Great Witch Bezella. Although Greyerl was spared, Fey leapt into action to free Cantabella. She succeeded, but was accidentally sent into the flames below instead.

Repaying kindness[]

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Greyerl was placed inside the Deathknell Dungeon to await a new sentence, as the court decided not to execute her for being a witch. Sometime later, Wright, Cantabella, and Luke Triton fell from the dungeon ceiling while making their way to the courtroom, and they found Greyerl alive and well in one of the cells. She apologized for what happened to Fey, but Triton informed her that they had earlier met Kira, a witch from an earlier case, alive and well when she should have died in the flames. This meant that there had to be some sort of trick to the fire pit mechanism, meaning that Fey could still be alive. Feeling indebted to the group, Greyerl distracted the guards while they sneaked into the courtroom undetected.

After the final witch trial and the revelation that both witches and magic had been an elaborate fabrication all that time, Greyerl was released from prison. She returned to Belduke's house to continue her duties tending to her former master's home.


Jean has long teal hair. As a "boy" she tied it back to look like a bob haircut. She has blue eyes.

She wears a white dress shirt, a brown and gold vest and pants, gold bracelets, and a purple jabot. As a "boy", she wore a purple gem on her jabot. She wears long white socks and brown shoes.


  • Her given name in all non-Japanese language versions is androgynous in order to obfuscate her true gender to the player.
  • Japanese - Patorasu Arugurei (パトラス・アルグレイ):
    • Her Japanese surname, "Arugurei" (アルグレイ), is almost identical to "Ārugurei" (アールグレイ), the Japanese word for Earl Grey tea.
  • English - Jean Greyerl:
    • "Greyerl", her surname in the English version, is also clearly derived from Earl Grey.
    • Her full English name may be a reference to the Marvel Comics superhero character Jean Grey (also known as "Phoenix" and "Dark Phoenix").
  • French - Camille Cervantès:
    • Her French name "Camille" is a well known androgynous french name. Her surname "Cervantès" refers to the French writing of the name of the Spanish writer Miguel of Cervantes. It may be a play on "servant thé" ("serving tea").
  • German - Jean Erlington
  • Spanish - Jean Bergamot:
    • Her Spanish surname "Bergamot" is a reference to the bergamot orange and the oil cultivated from it. Said oil is used to give Earl Grey tea its distinctive aroma and taste, tying her surname into that used by the English and Japanese versions.
  • Italian - Robin Earlington
  • Dutch - Jackie Somerset:
    • Her Dutch given name "Jackie", although androgynous, is more typically viewed as a male name in Dutch, as a diminutive of Jack, thereby helping to obfuscate her true gender.
    • Her Dutch surname, "Somerset", likely comes from the county in South West England of the same name.