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Ann Sasha (mostly known under the pseudonym Jezail Brett) was an English assassin covering as a foreign exchange student attending Teito Yuumei University in Japan during the Meiji period. She was dining at the "La Carneval" restaurant along with her teacher, John Wilson, shortly before his murder. She appeared as a witness during Ryunosuke Naruhodo's subsequent trial for the crime.

The elegant assassin[edit | edit source]

Ann Sasha actually worked as an assassin. London's Chief Justice Mael Stronghart hired her to eliminate all defendants who escaped Guilty verdicts in Barok van Zieks' trials to make it seem like he was cursed, detective Tobias Gregson came up with best ways for her. They would always meet in an old apartment on Fresno Street. After a while, Stronghart decided to have her kill John H. Wilson in Japan to prevent him from talking about an autopsy report regarding an incident about a serial killer, while someone else went to London to handle Gregson who was also involved. So Sasha took on the name "Jezail Brett" and was sent as an exchange student from Great Britain. She worked in Dr. Wilson's research faculty in the medical block, she was studying a poison called curare that is only known in Europe and America. England covered up her study abroad by saying Sasha had gone missing, Herlock Sholmes thought that meant she died.

Final target[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Case of the Visiting Professor

About to kill John Wilson.

Jezail Brett was dining with Professor Wilson in the high-class western restaurant, La Carneval. Having found out about the professor's recent tooth extraction, she intended to have him murdered him swiftly and without notice, by poisoning his drink with curare, that way the Japanese police wouldn't be able to find it in the bottle. However, her plan almost fell apart when she and Wilson were approached by another patron, a young man who had the intent of introducing himself to the visiting professor. Due to that, Brett was unable to leave before the professor died.

When the professor had succumbed to the curare, his body began to fall, making her use the chair to support the body. Since the young man ruined her original plan, Brett decided to frame him for the crime. She dropped Wilson's handgun on the floor so that the young man would pick it up, and fired her own handgun, which she had concealed under her skirt, to make it look like Professor Wilson died from a blood loss. As the waiter shoved the young man in to the supply closet, she rotated the chair to make the man's back face the table and made her escape. However, the young man soon remembered her as he went to face trial.

At the trial[edit | edit source]

Jezail Brett was soon called as a witness in the trial of Ryunosuke Naruhodo, the young man she had encountered before. Naruhodo, acting as his own attorney, managed to bring her to the witness stand after proving the Professor couldn't have eaten his beefsteak, therefore meaning there was someone else at the table.

She first spoke in English by using detective Hosonaga as a translator, stopping when the defense suggested that the gunshot wasn't what killed the Professor. When the defense suggested that there might be poison in the carbonated water bottle that was at the scene, Brett drinks a glass of said water and is not poisoned, prompting Naruhodo to suggest that it can only enter through a open wound, arguing that the Curare must have entered by the hole left by the Professor's tooth extraction. Brett, in response, broke the bottle, making proving there was poison in the bottle impossible.

However, the defense managed to prove that Iyesa Nosa stole Kyurio Korekuta's koban, hiding it underneath another beefsteak and swapping it with Brett's in a separate incident, which proved she was the culprit behind the Professor's death, as Brett's plate had a bloodstain. She is dragged around the courtroom by the swan on her hat and fully acknowledges her crime but does not reveal her motive, that being Mael Stronghart. Japan became unable to try the British woman under their own laws due the consular courts of Great Britain, all according to Stronghart's plan. She would eventually be sent to Shanghai, China in nine months to stand trial in the consul office of Great Britain there.

Death[edit | edit source]

Main article: The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney

Being interviewed by Heita Mamemoni.

Despite killing John Wilson, Jezail Brett was allowed to continue her research. Close to her extradition date to Shanghai, she asked that her last memory of Japan be at the beach, with Satoru Hosonaga assigned to her, the government allowed it. Heita Mamemomi, a journalist working under author Soseki Natsume, came into her beach hut to interview her about the crime she committed. However, Brett just made fun of him, calling him a monkey who didn't know the difference between peeking and journalism. Unknown to her, Mamemomi slipped some poison he secretly got from a previous interview into her drink.

The end of Ann Sasha.

After he left, another female student of Wilson's named Haori Murasame approached Brett to return the poison that was currently in her stomach; Murasame thought she stole the poison. Heita Mamemomi was behind the beach house and realized he would get caught since the poison had some specific side effects and only someone outside of the lab would use it. So he secretly stabbed Brett in the back hoping that would kill her before the poison does. Haori Murasame was arrested for Brett's murder, but her best friend "Ryutaro Naruhodo" exposed Mamemomi in court. Hosonaga lamented that now the world will never know why Jezail Brett killed John H. Wilson now that she was dead, or so he thought.

Personality[edit | edit source]


At first glance, Brett appeared to be calm and collected, exuding an aura of innocence and grace. However, this was no more than a facade, as she was in reality cunning and malicious. This was shown by her attempts to pin the murder on Naruhodo, such as dropping a handgun and firing a second to make him appear to be the murderer, blatantly accusing him of murdering Wilson, and even stating that his punishment should be extended when his innocence was not yet proven and the trial had not even ended yet. Her only benevolent trait was her love and devotion of the Great British Empire, citing English as the most beautiful language.

Brett was also shown to be very calculating and intelligent, developing and using a poison that the police in that country had no idea existed, and spontaneously coming up with an elaborate plot to frame Naruhodo for Wilson's murder after her intended plan was disrupted.

She also believed Japanese culture to be barbaric, claiming that the language was "dirty", as well as calling the police force immature and underdeveloped, the latter of which angered Hosonaga. She called some mannerisms from the Japanese to be "unthinkable for a briton", also commenting on the complexity of Japanese names.

Name[edit | edit source]

  • Her first name "Jezail" may originate from the type of bullet that John Watson was shot with in the canon Sherlock Holmes novels.
  • Her last name "Brett" is a play on the word "bullet". It may also be a reference to Jeremy Brett, an English actor known for playing Sherlock Holmes in the 1984 TV series.
  • Her real name "Ann Sasha" (アン サッシャー) is a corruption/play on アンサツシャ (暗殺者 ansatsusha) which means assassin, referencing her true profession.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Both she and Dahlia Hawthorne have similarities.
    • They hide under a mask of innocence and grace.
    • Brett puts poison in Professor Wilson's drink to kill him and Hawthorne used poison that sent Diego Armando into a coma.
    • They both have attended universities and were involved in trials as witnesses during their college careers.
    • They were both villains of the first cases while also having a major role in their respective games.
  • Her swan-decorated hat was most likely inspired by real-life fashion from the 19th century. It was considered very fashionable for women to wear taxidermied birds on their hats to the point that some bird species faced near extinction because of excessive hunting. The swan, however, is alive which is somewhat ironic to her character.
  • Brett is one of two characters in the Ace Attorney franchise to die in a game that is not their debut appearance; both characters were introduced in The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and died in its sequel The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve.
  • Sasha was the only person who willingly worked for Mael Stronghart without the need of any kind of blackmail or coercion.
  • Not all of Brett's dialogue in English is deliberately unintelligible, with some of her speech bubbles containing genuine English phrases that are sometimes interspersed with Japanese phrases. This makes her one of the only two characters in the Ace Attorney franchise with this distinction, the other being Nikolina Pavlova.
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