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This article contains information from the unofficial English translation patch for Gyakuten Kenji 2.

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Jill Crane was a defense attorney and a member of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee. She was found murdered in the Committee's meeting room.

Her loss[]

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Cameron's corpse.

In 2007, Crane's photojournalist boyfriend Jack Cameron was investigating the illegal activities of Chief Prosecutor Blaise Debeste. On February 10, Cameron followed one of his leads and stumbled onto what appeared to be the kidnapping of Di-Jun Huang, the president of Zheng Fa. Cameron called Crane, but he couldn't reach her, so instead left her a voice mail. However, while recording his message, he was struck dead from behind. Although the murder case and kidnapping were left unsolved, Crane suspected Debeste's involvement, and wanted revenge.

When Debeste became the Chair of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee, Crane also became a member to get close to him and find a way to bring him down. Crane's friend, a judge named Justine Courtney, also became a member to help Crane in her quest. In the meantime, Crane continued to take on clients as a defense attorney. She agreed to defend Patricia Roland in court after the latter was accused of murder in 2019, but Crane would ultimately never live to see the trial. Courtney eventually became one of Debeste's most trusted people.

Confrontation & death[]

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Crane's corpse.

Crane began receiving letters from a helpful stranger who fed Crane information on Debeste, and eventually Crane decided to act. She found out about Debeste's illegal auctioning of evidence from past cases, all of which was gathered in a hidden storage area above the Committee's meeting room. On April 4th, 2019, Crane entered the auction; all the participants wore masks equipped with voice-changers to hide their identities.

Crane won a bid for one of the items, and followed Debeste to the storage room to collect her winnings. With the two of them now alone, Crane confronted Debeste, telling him that she knew who he was from the burn mark on his face. However, unbeknownst to Crane, the stranger had informed Debeste of Crane's intent to kill him, allowing him to be ready for her. He struck her over the head with the auction gavel, mortally wounding her.

In order to conceal his crime, Debeste gave Crane's clothing and mask to an accomplice, Karin Jenson, to replace Crane at the auction so that no one would notice that one of the bidders was missing. Crane was hidden inside a costume trunk as Debeste continued the auction, and Jenson covered Crane with a red raincoat. However, after Debeste and Jenson returned to the auction, Crane managed to escape and climb the ladder to the top of the tower, but soon collapsed and died.

Meanwhile, Jenson won the costume trunk and she and Debeste returned to the storage room to discover the unconscious Kay Faraday, who had fallen into the storage room in shock after discovering Crane's body. Seeing letters on Faraday and Crane addressed to each other, Debeste decided to pin the murder on Faraday to get rid of what he believed was a duo out to get him. He dressed Crane's body with his auctioneer's clothes, and then stabbed the corpse with a candelabra that was among the evidence in the room. Both Faraday and Crane were locked in the costume trunk until the auction was finished.

Debeste then brought the body down the elevator that connected the storage and meeting rooms. It was there that he removed the candelabra so that the resulting blood loss would make it appear as if she had died in that room. He then laid Crane's body on the Committee desk, and left the candelabra nearby. Jenson would later change the cause of death in Bonnie Young's autopsy report.

Debeste left Faraday's promise notebook next to Crane and placed one of the letters in her left breast pocket, unaware that the latter was actually a forgery created by the man who had played both sides and left Faraday at the scene. The mastermind did all this knowing that Miles Edgeworth would defend Faraday and reveal the true criminal in the process. Crane's death left Patricia Roland's trial without a defense attorney, and so Raymond Shields took over her role as the only one able to do so at such short notice. Edgeworth went on to uncover Debeste's actions during the SS-5 Incident, as well as the identity of the mastermind whose schemes had led to Crane's death.



  • Her given name in Japanese "Tsubasa" (つばさ) means "wings", while her full name could be a play on the Japanese phrase "kago no naka no tori" (籠の中の鳥), which means "a bird in a cage". Along with her surname "Kagome" (籠目), all of these are likely references to the traditional Japanese children's game Kagome Kagome, of which "a bird in a cage" is one of the lines. This is backed up by her boyfriend's surname "Kamei" (亀井) containing the kanji for turtle (亀), which is also mentioned in Kagome Kagome.
  • Her English name in the unofficial fan translation patch for Gyakuten Kenji 2 is "Jill Crane", which is likely meant to have a similar meaning to her Japanese given name; "Jill" may be intended to harken back to Kagome Kagome by referring to the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill (backed by Kamei's given name being changed to "Jack"). The surname "Crane" more directly links back to Kagome Kagome, where the crane is mentioned alongside the turtle.