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Joan Garrideb is the wife of John Garrideb, a poor English landlord who owns the room in which Soseki Natsume lives. Joan masquerades as John's maid, with their marriage unknown to most people. This is to upkeep the image of John being a wealthy landlord, when in reality, the two are quite poor.

A woman scorned[]

Main article: The Adventure of the Clouded Kokoro

Her and John's wedding picture

One day, Joan's husband returned home with a book from the library. A love from "Maria" to "James" was being used as a bookmark and Joan thought John was cheating on her. John tried to assure her that the love letter was already there but the two of them got into a heated argument. A candle was knocked over which burned the carpet forcing John to open the window. Joan threw a book entitled The Adventure of the Lion's Mane at John out the window. Then she threw a knife that chipped in John's pipe and went out the window accidentally striking a young woman named Olive Green, who was there to poison a resident of the complex, in the back. Green survived but was put in critical condition. During the investigation, Herlock Sholmes and Ryunosuke Naruhodo figured out the fight through dance of deduction, Joan caught John after he fell.

Jury duty and caught[]

Surprisingly, Joan was selected as Juror No. 4 for Soseki Natsume's trial for stabbing Green. When she voted guilty the first time, she was horrified that Natsume stabbed Green from behind. She says the juror manual says it's a secret to everyone about being a juror until the trial. Joan admits Natsume looks like the kind of person who would commit a crime since he spend most of the time in his flat and has a suspicious mustache. There are rumors that he's making a bomb in his room, Naruhodo thinks talking to Joan is pretty dangerous.

Later she says that something is cute and Juror 3 states there's no reason for her throwing the book out the window until Juror 6 mentions an incident where he let the smoke out of his flat. When she starts drinking tea she acknowledges the open window, she also helps Juror 5 remember a very similar incident with his own wife. Susato Mikotoba suggests they cross-examine Joan, but Barok van Zieks didn't allow it until Roly Beate reveals that he moved Green's body.

When Joan takes the stand, John is there to give support. She starts things off by saying the wrong things she threw at her husband which he corrected. After examining his pipe, Naruhodo and Susato find a chipped piece of knife, the same knife that stabbed Olive Green. What finally proved Joan's guilt The Adventure of the Lion's Mane book. After that, Joan apologizes for that fight and faints begging for forgiveness, John tries to carry her as she did to him but falls backwards. She was then carried to the first aid room and was presumably put in solitary confinement. John took her place as Juror No. 4.

Afterwards, it's revealed that John Garrideb has been meeting with Joan every day since she got arrested despite running out of conversation topics.


  • Her name comes from the Holmes' story "The Adventure of the Three Garridebs."
  • Alternatively, "gari" means "flesh and bones", while "debu" means "fat," alluding to her and John's builds.


  • Joan Garrideb's face and headdress and similarly shaped like the sun, much like how her husband, John, has a head similar to a crescent moon. In her original design, Joan looked even more like the sun.