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John Garrideb is a poor English landlord who owns the room where Soseki Natsume lived. He was previously a soldier of the British Empire — specifically, second lieutenant of the third regiment of the 4th Northumberland Fusiliers — but was discharged after he was shot in the knee during the Battle of Maiwand. A few years after that, he appeared as a juror in the trial of Gina Lestrade.


In photograph with Duncan Ross

John Garrideb was a second lieutenant of the third regiment of the 4th Northumberland Fusiliers. Unfortunately, they don't get paid much money, so when he retired after being shot in the knee at the Battle of Maiwand, Garrideb was forced to live on the poor Briar Road as landlord of a boarding house. His wife, Joan, decided to become his maid to make him seem like he was rich. One of Garrideb's tenants, Selden, who lived in the flat on the second floor, was arrested for a series of crimes. After that, an art student named Duncan Ross took the flat to live in. At some point, Garrideb asked a street photographer who was passing by to take a photograph of them. A man named William Shamspeare came and demanded to live in that flat, but since it was already occupied Garrideb offered the room on the first floor. One day, Ross suddenly died of asphyxiation due to an apparent gas leak, this lead people to believe that Selden put some sort of curse onto that flat. Garrideb first noticed something was wrong when he noticed it on the the gas flames, that's when he started watching his hearth dim and light up to know when the tenants are using the gas lamps. He refused Shamspeare to let him have that flat due to him not paying the rent in three months. By the time the investigation regarding his death was done, an exchange student from Japan named Soseki Natsume came to live in the flat. He had nowhere else to go and wanted to save his money on books. Garrideb warned him about the curse but he signed the contract anyway.

An argument gone wrong[]

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One day, John Garrideb went to the store a bought a book entitled, "The Adventure of the Lion's Mane". He had an argument with his wife, Joan, who accused him of cheating on her after she saw a love letter being used as a bookmark from the previous owner of that book. During the argument, Joan threw a knife at John, it missed him but a chipped piece of it went into his pipe then it flew out the window and struck a young woman named Olive Green. Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Herlock Sholmes figured out that fight through Dance of Deduction.

When his wife takes the stand, Garrideb decides to testify with her. When she tries to mention the things she threw at Garrideb, he plays with his pipe and reveals the correct things all had weight and were hard. After Joan's crime was brought to light, she and John reconcile and apologize for that fight. After Joan was arrested, John Garrideb took her place as Juror No. 4 and gave Soseki Natsume his Not Guilty verdict with the rest of the jury.

Another incident[]

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The very next day, John Garrideb's other tenant, William Shamspeare, was almost killed in his flat, and Soseki Natsume was arrested one again for attempted murder. Garrideb tells Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba information on Shamspeare and that he broke down his door with Natsume. The next day, he tells the two about Duncan Ross, his love letter to his fiance, Olive Green, and how Shamspeare desperately wanted his flat.

Eventually, Naruhodo figured out the surprising truth. Not only was Green the culprit of Shamspeare's attempted murder, but also that Ross' death was really caused by Shamspeare blowing into the gas pipe to try and scare him out. Selden actually hid a treasure worth one thousand pounds in the flat and promised Shamspeare the key because he took care of him in jail before he died.

A surprising face in the jury[]

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As Juror No. 1.

Mr. Garrideb also appears as Juror No. 1 when Gina Lestrade goes on trial for the murder of Pop Windibank and attempted murder of Herlock Sholmes. Ryunosuke Naruhodo notes him as a familiar face with the rest of the jurors. When he votes guilty the first time, he says all evidence points to the defendant. Upon being pressed, Garrideb recognizes Naruhodo and says he's in the defense's debt. He reveals after "cursed complex" incident the rumors have been dodged, no one was interested in moving into the boarding house since Natsume and Shamspeare left. But none of this has to do with him voting guilty, Naruhodo notices Garrideb looking at the juror next to him, a maid. During the second closing argument, Garrideb says that thieves like the Skulkin brothers are insensible citizens. At the end of the trial, he votes not guilty to Lestrade like the rest of the jury.

Afterwards, it's revealed that John Garrideb has been meeting with his wife, Joan, every day since she got arrested despite running out of conversation topics. He's been using the stairs so much, his legs have started to regain their strength. He tried out being a maid for himself, but was baffled when no one realized it was him.



Although it may not seem like it at first, John Garrideb is actually a very nice man. He cares deeply for his wife, Joan, as well his lodgers. He uses the flames of his fireplace to see if they are here or not. Garrideb isn't very easy to anger as he remains calm and collected when mentioning that Naruhodo may have ruined his boarding house business.

He also has a tendency to reveal things he’s not supposed to. Though Joan prevents him from saying such things by overfilling his cup with hot tea, which often makes him yell at her and lose his temper for a bit; nonetheless, he still goes back to his usual self afterwards.

John was once a solider, and he often spoke about stories he experienced in war. Though he was discharged, he still keeps display of medals he earned in his flat.


  • His name comes from the Holmes' story "The Adventure of the Three Garridebs."
  • Alternatively, "gari" means "flesh and bones", while "debu" means "fat," alluding to his and Joan's builds.
  • His name is also an anagram of “brigader”, or member of a brigade, referencing his military background.


  • John Garrideb's head and hair and similarly shaped like a crescent moon, much like how his wife, Joan's face is shaped similar to the sun. He even wore a wedding ring with a moon emblem on it like Joan's sun ring. In his original design, John looked even more like the moon.
  • Notably, John Garrideb and Tchikin Strogenov are the only characters to neither be a juror or a victim in The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve that don't appear during the credits (excluding the British judge), despite physically appearing in game. This is either an oversight or it's because they are the only characters in the game to never appear in court at one point, and so having a very minor role.
    • John is missing in the promotional artwork for The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve as well, this time for unknown reasons as all the other characters from the game appear in said artwork (except the unnamed jurors and the victims other than Gregson and Shamspeare).