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Penny Nichols
He's a pretty famous prosecutor, you know.
John Marsh
But he's not wearing a prosecutor's badge.
Miles Edgeworth
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John Marsh is an actor working at Global Studios. He notably had a starring role in the 2019 movie The Mighty Moozilla vs. Gourdy. Marsh was one of the suspects of the murder of the president of Zheng Fa.

Early life[]

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The secret son of Zheng Fa's President Di-Jun Huang and diplomat Amy Marsh, John Marsh's early life was marred by tragedy. By the time he was born, Amy had left her job at the American embassy in Zheng Fa. Amy invited Huang to meet their son at her new place of work, the Happy Family Home orphanage, but Amy could not make it to the meeting. After that, John's father never came to see him. Amy passed away in 2014, leaving her cousin Justine Courtney to adopt John. Courtney raised him as if he were her own and became very protective of the young boy and proud of his achievements.

Murder at the filming set[]

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Moozilla vs. Gourdy[]

On set.

In 2019, John landed the starring role in the new Global Studios Moozilla movie The Mighty Moozilla vs. Gourdy. Working alongside him on the film was veteran actor Will Powers, who played the monster Moozilla. John played the role of a boy who could telepathically communicate with the monster by drinking fresh milk. Penny Nichols, who was working on set as a stagehand, was told to look after John. The film producers set up a filming lot in the vacant space in front of the Grand Tower, where the Happy Family Home orphanage once stood. Around this time, John visited the Zodiac Art Gallery while Miles Edgeworth was investigating an 18 year old case, puzzling over Katherine Hall's decision to retire.

At the Autumn Palace.


One night, John sneaked out of his hotel room to practice his lines at the lot. He noticed what looked like monster's footprints at the lot, and assumed that they were part of the set. He turned on a heater on the studio roof, but forgot to turn it off as he went back down to practice. Consequently, a flammable can near the heater caught fire, causing a Moozilla head prop to fall. John eventually noticed the fire and rushed back up to deal with it.

He came back down and started recording his practice session. During the recording, Justine Courtney called to check up on him, and he lied that he was still in his room. He then noticed the body of President Di-Jun Huang. He had been crushed to death, and there was a crushed bouquet of lion lilies on his chest. John took the flowers, fearing that their presence would implicate his adoptive mother as he had seen her holding the rare flowers earlier. He also feared that the falling head prop had been the cause of the president's death.


Rescued by Dick Gumshoe and Kay Faraday.

The next day, Nichols found the body and ran to get help, returning with Miles Edgeworth and Kay Faraday to find Shi-Long Lang already at the scene of the crime. John later arrived at the scene and met everyone before slipping out again. He went to the nearby studio trailer, where Powers briefly saw him, to drop off his practice video. He then went to the Grand Tower's garbage disposal site, where he was spotted by Detective Dick Gumshoe, to dispose of the flowers. It was here that Simon Keyes drugged John and placed him inside a box so that the garbage pickup would unwittingly take John to the landfill near the Sunshine Coliseum. Keyes later retrieved the box and hid John in a refrigerated warehouse nearby.

Keyes had intended to threaten Courtney, who was a judge, into getting Patricia Roland a guilty verdict, but Blaise Debeste got to her first, claiming to have kidnapped her son when his men had accidentally kidnapped Blaise's own son Sebastian. Luckily, Edgeworth was able to figure out where the boy was being held, and sent Faraday and Gumshoe to save him. After John was rescued and allowed to talk to his adoptive mother via cellphone, Courtney was able to give Roland and Blaise the guilty verdicts they deserved. However, Shi-Long Lang called both John and Courtney back to the scene of President Huang's death, as they were his prime suspects.

The truth[]

John kept trying to hide his actions on the night before the body's discovery by Nichols, but the truth was eventually drawn out of him piece by piece. It was also revealed that Blaise had dug up the "footprints" to retrieve something from the SS-5 Incident, the police department's file name for an incident in which the president was kidnapped 12 years prior. The subsequent reinvestigation of the incident by Edgeworth revealed a recorded message from Amy arranging for a secret meeting between the president and his son. Moreover, the president's will revealed his intention to acknowledge John Marsh as his son. This shocking revelation was accompanied by another: the president had not been kidnapped at all, but rather assassinated at the hands of Sirhan Dogen. The body that had been found in the filming lot was actually the president's body double, whom he had replaced after conspiring with Blaise Debeste and Patricia Roland to have the president murdered.

With Dogen's timely assistance, Edgeworth figured out the identity of the mastermind behind John's kidnapping and the body double's death. Simon Keyes's plot to get revenge on the people who had hurt him was revealed, in addition to his attempt to pin the murder on John. Just as Keyes was about to be arrested, another assassin, Shelly de Killer, appeared to dispose of him, but was prevented by the sudden appearance of Sirhan Dogen. De Killer agreed not to kill Keyes at Dogen's request.

Just as Dogen was leaving, John called him out for murdering his father. Dogen offered John a knife and gave him the opportunity to exact his revenge. However, the boy refused to kill the assassin, having seen from Keyes' example that revenge only benefited the one taking the revenge at the expense of others. He would only satisfy himself while causing his mother and friends more pain and suffering. John later conversed with his mother on his role as the main star of the Moozilla film, remarking that it was not a big deal, but that he really enjoys being an actor. John then purchased three lion lilies - flowers that represented a bond between parent and child - two for his birth parents and one for his adopted mother.



John gives off a very bratty and arrogant vibe, but his perceptiveness gives him a strong advantage against any adult who claims to have authority or tries to intimidate him, even causing Shi-Long Lang to back off. However, his bravado is instantly vaporized in the presence of his adoptive mother Justine Courtney, as well as when he is cornered by Miles Edgeworth and his logical faculties. Underneath his arrogant exterior is actually a caring boy who would do anything to protect his mother. He also swore revenge against the man who had killed the father he had never met, but, when faced with an opportunity to make it happen, ultimately decided against it after realizing the real consequences of revenge.

John is often mistaken for an elementary school student due to his fondness for milk, short stature, and youthful appearance, much to his chagrin. He seems to have an interest in confectionery-based art, as seen by his visit to the Zodiac Art Gallery to see Pierre Hoquet's work.


  • "Shimon" can mean "fingerprints", "inquiry/examination", or "tutelage", depending on the kanji used. The former two meanings may be a reference to how his blood ties to the real Di-Jun Huang went on to prove that the murdered Zheng Fa president was only a body double. The latter meaning could be a reference to being under Courtney's guardianship.
  • His English name in the Gyakuten Kenji 2 fan translation patch is "John Marsh", with "Marsh" possibly being a reference to "Aizawa" (his Japanese surname), which literally translates as "fellow swamp". Considering that Ryōken Hōinbō's given name in the fan patch is "Sirhan" and Shimon's is "John", both may be references to Robert F. Kennedy, more specifically the man who assassinated him and his older brother, respectively. Alternatively, it could be a reference to John Marston, the main character of the video game Red Dead Redemption; Marshton is a cowboy, while Shimon Aizawa/John Marsh is a "cow boy".


Marsh's design is strongly based on a cattle motif, due to his role in the movie. He wears horns in his hair, has a backpack with a cow keychain, wears a jacket pattern strongly reminiscent of the hide of a Holstein Friesian breed cattle, a phone with the same pattern, and has the aforementioned fondness for milk.