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John Watson
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John H. Watson was an English professor who was invited by Yūjin Mikotoba to teach in Japan.

The Professor KillingsEdit

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John H. Watson was the highest authority in the Great British Empire's forensic bureau. But he got caught up in forging scheme when Klimt van Zieks became a serial killer. Hart Vortex wanted protect the man's secret to keep the law running as smoothly as possible, so he roped Watson to have his assistants, Courtney Sithe and Yūjin Mikotoba, repair replacement lancets to keep them busy during Klimt's dissection. He pretended to find Genshin Asōgi's ring, which Tobias Gregson and some thugs he gathered stole from the Japanese man, in van Zieks' stomach, coming to the conclusion that van Zieks had swallowed it to provide proof for his killer. Yūjin raised the possibility that there should've been internal wounds from the sharp claws on the ring, but Watson tells him he knows of other cases that say otherwise since he has more experience with this than him. Klimt actually dueled to the death with Asōgi but this successfully pinned the crime on the Japanese man. Watson then took part in the Death Bringer curse on Klimt's younger brother, Barok. His job was to forge all the autopsy reports of the defendants who were killed. He was eventually invited by Yūjin to become a professor in Japan, Sithe took over his role.


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My Cute Ancestor Son

Meeting Ryūnosuke Naruhodō before his death.

Watson worked at Teito Yuumei University in the medical department and had many students including Haori Murasame. Vortex decided that John Watson knew too much about the Professor incident, if word got out about the truth then he wouldn't get the job as England's attorney general. So he created a program that would have Ann Sasha, the assassin who did most of the Death Bringer killings, to kill him to keep him from talking. Sasha took on the name Jezail Brett and became an exchange student of Watson's.

Professor Watson was dining with the British exchange student within the western themed restaurant, La Quantos. He could only drink carbonated water because he recently had a tooth pulled from the Hotta Clinic. It was there Sasha saw her chance to murder him quickly using curare in his drink so no one would notice. Curare would paralyzes all the nerves which will prevent Watson's breathing. However, her plan almost fell apart when they were approached by another patron, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, who introduced himself to the visiting professor.

John H Watsons Crime Scene

John Watson's corpse.

When the professor had succumbed to the poison, his body began to fall so she used the chair to support the body. His wrist got a burn mark from Sasha's hot steak plate. It was there that Sasha dropped Watson's handgun that he always carries for defense on the floor, that way Naruhodō would curiously pick it up to give it back to him. She then fired her own handgun that she had hidden under her dress to make it look like Professor Watson died from blood loss, his blood got on Sasha's plate as he was facing the table. As the La Quantos "waiter" detained Naruhodō and shoved him in to the supply closet, she rotated the chair to make it look like Watson's back was facing the table.

Book Holmes and Watson

Depicted in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes with Sherlock Holmes

Since John Watson was British and Japanese Ryūnosuke Naruhodō was framed, an absolutely secret trial was held for this so-called hate crime due to the two countries recently signing an alliance treaty. Naruhodō successfully exposed Ann Sasha for killing Watson but she did not say anything about Vortex's program. Nine months after, Taketsuchi Auchi tried to establish Watson's death as a motive for Murasame killing Brett. Sherlock Holmes' assistant, Iris, initially thought her father was and Holmes' old partner was John H. Watson after recognizing the handwriting on Klimt van Zieks’ autopsy report as being the same as the handwritten case records she keeps in her trunk. But her real father was Klimt himself and Yūjin Mikotoba was his partner who wrote the autopsy, Watson just signed off on it.


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John H. Watson is shares the same name of Dr. Watson from the Sherlock Holmes canon. In spite of that, his role was given to other people.

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