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Gyakuten Winner single cover

Cover for the "Gyakuten Winner" single.

Johnny's WEST (ジャニーズWEST Janīzu Uesuto) is a Japanese boyband consisting of seven members: Junta Nakama, Takahiro Hamada, Akito Kiriyama, Daiki Shigeoka, Tomohiro Kamiyama, Ryusei Fujii, and Nozomu Kotaki.

The name of the group comes from their origin within the Johnny & Associates and the fact that the band's members are from the western Japanese region of Kansai. They debuted in 2014 with the single "Eejanaika" and sing mainly in the Kansai dialect.

The group performed "Gyakuten Winner" and "Life is Wonderful", the first and second opening theme songs, respectively, for the Ace Attorney anime adaptation.

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