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Jove "Jangly" Justice was a world-traveling musician and Apollo Justice's biological father.

Meeting ThalassaEdit

During her time at Troupe Gramarye, Thalassa Gramarye met and married Jove, who was a guest performer at one of her shows. After their marriage, she left the Troupe temporarily and had a child with Jove named Apollo Justice. The three travelled all over the world together, with Jove and Thalassa often taking turns watching over Apollo while the other was performing at a different venue.

Trip to Khura'inEdit

Meeting DhurkeEdit


A photo taken during his performance.

About one year after Apollo was born, Jove and Thalassa visited the Kingdom of Khura'in. One night, while his wife was away performing a show, Jove decided to play a casual show at a local bar, taking Apollo with him. In the audience of that show was Dhurke Sahdmadhi, who was married to the country's queen, Amara Sigatar Khura'in. Sahdmadhi greatly enjoyed the show and bought Jove a drink afterwards. The two men instantly hit it off, with Sahdmadhi inviting Jove back to the royal palace to perform for himself and the queen.


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Attempting to save his son, as depicted during a Divination Séance.

After the private show, Sahdmadhi invited Jove to stay the night with them, sharing a spare room in the royal family's quarters with Apollo. However, during the middle of the night, Amara's sister Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in lured Sahdmadhi away and set the queen's residence ablaze, with the aim of faking Amara's death, blaming Sahdmadhi for the crime, and claiming the throne in her place; Ga'ran needed her sister alive to perform spirit channelings, as she was unable to do so herself.

Waking to find the palace in flames all around him, Jove grabbed Apollo and went to check on Amara so that they could escape together, but Ga'ran, on her way to carry Amara away herself, saw Jove and killed him by striking him on the head from behind with a blunt object. In Jove's last moments, he reached for his crying son, who had fallen from his arms, but soon blacked out. While Amara was rescued by her sister, Apollo was left to die. Luckily, however, Sahdmadhi returned and was able to rescue him, seeing Jove's body in the process.

Investigations into the incident resulted in failure, as Jove's spirit could not be channeled; his belongings, along with all means of identifying him, were destroyed in the fire, and he was only known in Khura'in by his stage name of "Jangly Justice". Without his true name or a picture of his face, a Divination Séance could not be carried out and Jove's role in the incident was eventually forgotten. Meanwhile, the attempt on Amara's life left the country in a state of turmoil. Although Thalassa attempted to locate Apollo, the Khura'inese police were overwhelmed in investigating Amara's apparent murder, and thus she had no choice but to return to the United States without her son. She later got married to Zak Gramarye and had a daughter with him. Apollo was raised by Sahdmadhi until the age of 9, whereupon he was sent back to the United States and eventually became a defense attorney.


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Sahdmadhi spent the years that followed independently investigating leads, including insights into Jove's identity, as he believed the musician's final memories held the key to solving the assassination incident. In the process of this investigation, Sahdmadhi obtained a photograph of Jove performing in Khura'in from a visiting European couple.

The photo and information Sahdmadhi found would prove crucial when Sahdmadhi was put on trial for the murder of Inga Karkhuul Khura'in, with Apollo acting as his defense attorney, as this provided Rayfa Padma Khura'in with enough information to successfully perform a Divination Séance which showed that the assassin wore gloves, which showed that Sahdmadhi's fingerprints on the lighter used to set the fire were either irrelevant to the case or were planted. Additionally, the assassin was shown to be wearing the Cuffs of Justice traditionally worn by the current Minister of Justice, which was Ga'ran at the time of the fire, thereby making her the prime suspect for the incident. Although Ga'ran refused to admit her guilt and engaged in a fierce courtroom battle with Apollo, the attorney was eventually able to prove that she was the illegitimate ruler of the country who had been responsible for the deaths of Jove Justice and Inga Karkhuul Khura'in.

After Ga'ran was subsequently deposed and arrested, Apollo chose to stay in Khura'in to run Sahdmadhi's old defense firm as the Justice Law Offices and help rebuild the legal system of the country where both his biological and foster father had died. Phoenix Wright made a copy of Jove's photograph and gave it to Thalassa, who was overjoyed to see her first husband's face again after so many years.


Jove was described as a cheerful and pleasant man to be around. He had a big, booming singing voice that captured the attention of everyone who heard it. Jove was also a devoted and loving father, as shown when he tried to save Apollo during his final moments of life.


  • His Japanese name, "Sousuke Odoroki" (王泥喜 奏介), is very similar to that of his son (王泥喜 法介 Housuke Odoroki). The only difference is the first kanji in his given name, with "" (奏) meaning "to play music", thereby alluding to his occupation as a musician.
  • His English given name refers to the Ancient Roman god Jupiter, who was also known as Jove. In Roman mythology, Jupiter is the equivalent to the Ancient Greek god Zeus and the father of the god Apollo. The word "jovial" comes from "Jove", which fits with Jove Justice's reportedly cheerful nature.
  • His English stage name comes from the word "jangly", meaning "makes a harsh noise". This may be intended to be a reference to his powerful voice, as well as that of his son.


  • Unlike other characters that died years before their debut (such as Celeste Inpax, Joe Darke, and Neil Marshall), Jove Justice is one of only three characters (the others being Cece Yew and Queen Victoria) to be mentioned and have significance to a case, but not have a profile or a mugshot in the court record or organizer. His only appearances in-game are in a photograph of him performing and of his hand during his Divination Séance.
  • Jove's hairstyle was designed to be almost identical to that of Apollo's, albeit with his "horns" fringe lying down over his forehead instead of upright like his son's.


  • Jove was previously hinted at by Spark Brushel in Turnabout Succession, where it was said he died in an on-stage accident. However, his actual death as shown in Turnabout Revolution contradicts this statement, as his Divination Séance clearly shows that he was not performing before he died and that his death was intentional.
  • Jove is one of only two Ace Attorney characters to alluded to in a game prior to being given a name and face, with the other being Blaise Debeste. Of the two, Jove is the only one who was initially known to be a parent.
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