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Promotional art for Gyakuten Saiban in Joypolis.

Joypolis (ジョイポリス Jyoiporisu) is an amusement park chain that was first opened on July 20, 1994 in Yokohama, Japan. Joypolis centres have since opened in several cities in Japan and China, with the parks mostly featuring arcade games and amusement rides based on Sega intellectual properties.

Despite the parks being predominately Sega-themed, there have been two special Ace Attorney-themed attractions to date: Gyakuten Saiban in Joypolis and Gyakuten Kenji in Joypolis, which are both exclusive to the Joypolis amusement park in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan. Both games are only in Japanese.

Gyakuten Saiban in Joypolis[]



Promotional art for Turnabout Don.

Gyakuten Saiban in Joypolis - Theme Park Attraction

A real-life Wright & Co. Law Offices.

  • Episode 1: Turnabout Fly High - When the Steel Samurai is murdered at Joypolis, bad-luck magnet Maggey Byrde ends up as the prime suspect.
  • Episode 2: Turnabout Locked Room - A few months after the previous episode, another murder occurs at Joypolis; this time it is Rando Daiba, the manager of Joypolis, who is discovered dead inside a locked room.
  • Episode 3: Turnabout Don - During a fight scene between Desirée DeLite and another actress, Yumi Temgashiwa, the latter dies. The key to solving the mystery is Kogyoin Don, ruler of the entertainment world. But whose side is he on?[1]

Main characters[]

Other characters by episode[]

Turnabout Fly High[]

Turnabout Locked Room[]

Turnabout Don[]


Gyakuten Saiban in Joypolis is held on the third floor of Tokyo Joypolis. The attraction itself works in a similar manner to the games. After being introduced to the case, players look for evidence and question people before heading to the courtroom for the trial. Players are given a court record at the start of the game, which is used to record important information for the trial and players are able to take it away with them at the end of the game. The game takes on average 40 to 50 minutes to complete.

Each episode begins with a prologue on a starter booth that is designed to introduce the player to the case. The player must then look for four special booths spread out across the same floor, and insert their episode-specific card into the booth in order to activate it. Each booth provides the opportunity to acquire more information about the case, whether by investigating the crime scene, questioning a particular witness, or so on. The information acquired from these booths are then used to fill in blanks in the player's court record. When players believe that they are ready, they use the courtroom booth, which functions in a manner similar to trials in the Ace Attorney games (including pressing and objecting). Along with the "Confidence Gauge" used in the games, a time limit is used when the player is required to choose between multiple options or present evidence. At the end of the game, the player is given an "Attorney Ranking".[1]


The three episodes of Gyakuten Saiban in Joypolis were written by Yukinori Kitajima (a freelance game scenario writer who also contributed to Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies) and overseen by Takeshi Yamazaki. The episodes also feature original art by Tatsuro Iwamoto.

It should be noted that the events in the attraction are not set in the same continuity as the games, and thus characters from the games (such as Frank Sahwit and Ini Miney) are treated as "new" characters or "guest actors" in these stories. Gyakuten Saiban in Joypolis can therefore be thought of as taking place in a parallel universe to the games.[1]

Gyakuten Kenji in Joypolis[]

Gyakuten Kenji in Joypolis

The Gyakuten Kenji in Joypolis logo.

Gyakuten Kenji 2 - Theme park attraction concept

Concept art.

Gyakuten Kenji 2 - Theme park attraction

A real-life Room 1202.


  • Episode 1: Turnabout Symbol (逆転のシンボル, Gyakuten no Sinboru) - Taking place in the theme park Diverland, a murder occurs during a public performance and it's up to the player to solve it.[2]
  • Episode 2: Turnabout Message (逆転のメッセージ) - An investigator enters Diverland in the hope of uncovering a secret hidden there, only to wind up being murdered.[2]
  • Episode 3: Turnabout Theme Park - The guards of the Golden Treasure, a Korean national treasure, are murdered and it's up to the player to solve this final mystery.[2]

Main characters[]

Other characters by episode[]

Turnabout Symbol[]

Turnabout Message[]


Gyakuten Kenji in Joypolis was based on the second floor of Tokyo Joypolis. Participants in the game had to investigate for clues in three "episodes". After finding all the evidence, players were then advised to write their conclusions in their individual organizers. It took around 20 minutes to investigate one of the "crime scenes" and look for clues.[3]

This game has since been discontinued from Tokyo Joypolis.


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