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You may be looking for the modern English judge from Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

The unnamed imperial British judge who presided over Ryunosuke Naruhodo's trials during his time in London at the turn of the 20th century.

Return of the Reaper[]

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During the trial of Magnus McGilded for the murder of Mason Milverton within an omnibus, the judge noted Ryunosuke Naruhodo's debut as a defense attorney in a British court and Barok van Zieks' return after his 5-year retirement. The testimony and cross-examination of witnesses Beppo, Bruce Fairplay, and Lay D. Furst led the jurors of the trial to unanimously vote guilty. After Naruhodo was informed by his judicial assistant Susato Mikotoba that he could use the recourse of summation examination, the defense attorney requested the right to invoke it as, despite it being unused for a long period of time, it was never actually abolished. Despite van Zieks objections, the judge allowed Naruhodo to contront the jurors' reasonings as to why they declared the defendant guilty.

The trial was eventually interrupted by Gina Lestrade, who fired a smoke grenade in the courtroom. Red stains within the omnibus and Lestrade's subsequent testimony led Naruhodo to theorize that the victim was on top of the omnibus and fell inside, but discrepancies between the reports by Scotland Yard and the current state of the omnibus led van Zieks to voice his suspicion that the omnibus had been tampered with, to which the judge stated it was the prosecutor's responsibility to preserve the evidence and that the trial could not continue with potentially forged evidence. Naruhodo began to suspect that McGilded was guilty and that the omnibus had been tampered with during Lestrade's smoke grenade, but McGilded's culpability could not be proven after the omnibus was tampered with.

As it was now impossible to prove or disprove McGilded's culpability, the judge declared him not guilty. However, shortly after the trial ended, the omnibus was set on fire, with McGilded locked inside. The judge arrived during the incident and could only look on in horror as the man burned to death inside, with Barok van Zieks watching the inferno impassively beside him.

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A stabbing in the snow[]

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Theatrics, poison, & gas[]

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Murder in a pawnbrokery[]

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Explosion at the Great Exhibition[]

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Reaper on trial[]

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The judge was not presiding during most of the closed trial of Barok van Zieks, but he was present and watching from the gallery as a member of the judiciary. Mael Stronghart presided instead for most of the trial. After Stronghart admitted to being the mastermind behind the Reaper and the Professor, Queen Victoria stripped Stronghart of his position as Lord Chief Justice. Stronghart fell from the judge's bench and reappeared at the witness stand. The judge then returned and declared van Zieks to be Not Guilty.

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