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Judge (England)
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You may be looking for the British Empire judge from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

This trial was part of the Legal League of Attorneys' exchange programme, wasn't it? May this trial serve as a lesson for you too! Is that understood?

The unnamed English judge who presided over Phoenix Wright's case in London.

Assault & theft[]

Main article: English Turnabout

The judge presided over Espella Cantabella's case after she was accused of assaulting Olivia Aldente and attempting to steal a PC Badger doll. Cantabella's defense attorney was an American named Phoenix Wright, who was on an exchange program with the Legal League of Attorneys.

Prosecutor Flynch's first witness got on the judge's nerves before being dismissed. The judge then admitted that Olivia Aldente, the second witness, would be a welcome change. However, Aldente was eventually revealed to be a jewel thief who had tried to assault Cantabella. The judge praised Wright for solving the case and scolded Flynch for not being involved enough with the investigation.


  • The judge's clothing is somewhat reminiscent of that worn by Miles Edgeworth, namely his cravat and the color of his jacket, although his stockier build and style of glasses are more akin to that of Marvin Grossberg.