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Judge (younger brother)
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Judge (younger brother)
Hmm... Car thieves... I'm not sure how I feel about car thieves.
Mia Fey
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The unnamed judge who presided over the trial of Terry Fawles for the murder of Valerie Hawthorne, the trial of Luke Atmey for stealing the Kurain Sacred Urn, and the first day of the trial of Sister Iris for the murder of the children's book author Elise Deauxnim. He is the younger brother of the judge that has presided over most cases taken on by the Wright Anything Agency.

Known trials

Hawthorne murder trial

Main article: Turnabout Beginnings

In 2013, the judge presided over a trial that debuted both defense attorney Mia Fey and prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. The defendant, Terry Fawles, was accused of murdering police sergeant Valerie Hawthorne. Although Fey mounted a successful defense and nearly had Edgeworth's eyewitness, Dahlia Hawthorne, accused of murder, the defendant committed suicide by swallowing poison before the trial could be concluded. Edgeworth and the judge would not meet each other again for the next six years, and Edgeworth's face would fade from the judge's memory, despite the prosecutor's growing renown.[2]

Mask☆DeMasque trials

Main article: The Stolen Turnabout

In 2018, the judge presided over the trial of Luke Atmey for the theft of a Fey family heirloom, one of three trials related to the identity of notorious thief Mask☆DeMasque, with Winston Payne prosecuting the case. At the same time, another of the said trials was occurring in a different courtroom and presided by the judge's older brother, in which Ron DeLite was accused of murder. However, before the younger judge was able to declare a verdict for Atmey, DeLite's defense attorney Phoenix Wright interrupted in order to have Atmey summoned as a witness in the other trial. Atmey was subsequently implicated for the murder there, ending both trials in not guilty verdicts.

Deauxnim murder trial

Main article: Bridge to the Turnabout

In 2019, the judge was requested to preside over the Elise Deauxnim murder trial. He seemed to remember the standing defense attorney vaguely, but prosecutor Franziska von Karma assured him that the attorney was not from the prosecutor's office. The attorney was actually Miles Edgeworth, who was filling in for an incapacitated Phoenix Wright, and had made the request specifically for the judge from his first trial.[2] The judge immediately attempted to have von Karma's whip confiscated, but Edgeworth requested that she be allowed to keep it. The deliberations were eventually postponed for the next day. Early the next morning, the judge visited his older brother in the latter's chambers. Suddenly, the younger brother caught a fever and fainted. Though he was sad at not being able to preside over the trial, the older brother took his place.


Phoenix Wright
So they're brothers! That explains a lot...

The judge.

The judge is naïve and gullible, albeit not as extremely as his brother. Like his brother, he is very easily wooed by female witnesses such as Dahlia Hawthorne. He tries to run standard, serious trials with minimal eccentricities, even once attempting to remove Franziska von Karma's whip from the courtroom. He is also prone to giving abrupt verdicts without allowing time for any new points to be presented, needing to be stopped via objections numerous times during the part of Iris's trial that he oversaw. He also has a habit of saying that he doesn't know how he feels about certain topics that come up in court and often goes on tangents during conversations by telling anecdotes from his life. The judge often criticizes his older brother for not studying hard enough, eventually convincing the latter to read up on the Kurain Channeling Technique prior to replacing the former in Iris's trial.

This judge exhibits aspects of a stereotypical Canadian personality. He has certain verbal tics, such as saying "aboot" in place of "about", ending sentences with "eh", and referring to some people as hosers. He also mentions subjects that a stereotypical Canadian might discuss, such as hockey (and his "playoff beard"), foods (donuts and beer), and "double-doubles" (referring to a coffee from Tim Hortons, a well-known Canadian coffee shop chain, that has two spoonfuls of sugar and two parts cream).



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