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Jugemu is the pet dog of Geiru Toneido. He resides in the yard of Kurukuru Tei, the theater used by the Toneido School of rakugo performers.

Eating the evidence[]

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Aware that Geiru can't eat soba noodles due to her being deathly allergic to buckwheat, which is the main ingredient, Taifu Toneido had Bucky Whet teach him how make udon noodles, which is made from regular wheat flour, for Geiru to try to convince her to abandon rakugo. After making the dough, he had to wait for it to rise before cutting it into noodles. Geiru came in the room and saw soba making supplies, causing her to think he was trying to taunt her even though he was fully aware buckwheat could kill her. Out of despair and rage, she took the dough and suffocated Taifu to death. Taifu had managed to cut her forehead with a knife before dying. Some of her blood landed in the dough, leaving behind DNA evidence. Geiru decided to heat up Taifu's last serving of soba and placed his head in a bowl to make it look like someone drowned him in soba broth and he was making soba noodles instead of udon, hoping to use her buckwheat allergy as an alibi. She had accidentally touched it, causing her hand to severly rash up. She made the udon dough into be dumplings and gave them to Jugemu for lunch, with Simon Blackquill watching from a window. However, there was too much for him to eat in one sitting, so he buried them in the backyard for later.

Blackquill, Uendo, and Geiru later testified against Whet during his trial, both revealing her feeding Jugemu. Later, Geiru was placed under supspition of killing Taifu. As a last resort, she revealed her rashed hand and her lethal allergy to buckwheat, meaning she couldn't enter a room with soba flour in it. Athena Cykes briefly suggested she was actually allergic to Jugemu, but failed as she made it clear she's only allergic to buckwheat. After revisualising the case, Cykes and Blackquill determined Taifu made udon, allowing Gieru to stay in the room long enough to kill him, and the reason why no one found the murder weapon was because she fed it to Jugemu, and he left some blood soaked dough to be analyzed, forcing Geiru to admit what happened.


  • His name likely comes from the rakugo story Jugemu.

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