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Juror 1 (banker)
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Juror 1
I've been long ready to hand down punishment to evil scoundrels!

An unnamed banker was Juror 1 in the trial of Magnus McGilded for the murder of Mason Milverton.

McGilded's trial[]

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As part of McGilded's jury.

The banker was called as a juror in the trial of Magnus McGilded for the murder of Mason Milverton. During the trial, he was the second juror to vote Magnus McGilded guilty. When two of his fellow jurors posited two different ways the victim could have been stabbed, he tried to justify his position to defense attorney Ryunosuke Naruhodo by stating that the manner in which the victim was stabbed did not matter, as he could have been stabbed twice. However, Naruhodo disproved this by presenting the autopsy report, which clearly showed the victim had only been stabbed once. Despite this, he did not change his vote until McGilded told the court that he released Gina Lestrade, only to change back to guilty when it was assumed that she was lying. As the trial began to reach its conclusion, he commented that "even for us, this situation is too much to settle". When the judge stated that he was going to announce a verdict without the jury, the shocked banker wondered why they were even there.

Altercation at a waxwork museum[]

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Knocked unconscious.

Eight months later, the banker tried to steal the arm of the John Clay figure in Madam Esmeralda Tusspells's wax museum, but she caught him in the act and knocked him unconscious with said wax arm.


The banker juror came across as a rather serious and no-nonsense gentleman, but could be rather overenthusiastic at times.