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Juror 1 (middle-aged man)
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An unnamed middle-aged man was Juror 1 in the trial of Albert Harebrayne for the murder of Odie Asman.

Harebrayne's trial[]

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As part of Harebrayne's jury for his trial.

Juror 1 began the trial by stating that he was honored to be selected for such a momentous trial. He found the idea of teleportation technology difficult to believe and thought that the machine supposedly capable of such a feat should be taken apart and thoroughly investigated. He agreed with the court's conclusion that only the defendant and victim were on the stage at the time of the incident, so therefore Harebrayne must be the culprit.

The next trial day, the Juror 1 declared that he was ready for his duty as a citizen of London. After voting guilty, he told the court that he could not think of a reason why Courtney Sithe and Enoch Drebber would collaborate. To make his statement clear, he was reading in the newspaper about how she examined the bodies of the victims of murder on Solar Pons Street the other day, someone was found guilty because of this. Near the end of the trial, he had no objections for a not guilty verdict for Harebrayne.


Juror 1 was a serious man who could often be seen reading a newspaper during the trial.

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