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Juror 2 (young woman)
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An unnamed young woman was Juror 2 in the trial of Soseki Natsume for the attempted murder of Olive Green. After the resolution of said case, she was called upon the following day as a juror once again after Natsume was accused of the attempted murder of William Shamspeare.

Natsume's first trial[]

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As part of Natsume's jury for his first trial.

Like the majority of her fellow jurors, Juror 2 did not trust Soseki Natsume and thought little of his excuse that Green might have just collapsed by herself, causing her to join her fellow jurors in voting guilty. However, defense attorney Ryunosuke Naruhodo was able to change her mind by pointing out that the description of a person in a green coat falling over that night could just as easily have been Juror 6, who was similarly-attired and had slipped on some ice in the area at the time of the crime. She eventually voted guilty once again, thinking it was unlikely that the knife in Green's back had been thrown by a third party, only for Naruhodo to put forth the possibility that Joan Garrideb could have thrown it at her husband John, after hearing about a similar incident from Juror 5, causing her to change her vote yet again. Upon the conclusion of the trial, she commented how cruel the truth can be.

Natsume's second trial[]

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As part of Natsume's jury for his second trial.

After Natsume was accused of poisoning of William Shamspeare the following day, the same young woman was once again called as a juror. As the trial began, she stated that she was more cruel and calculating on days where her bonnet refused to cooperate, and felt that Shamspeare was a good man who wouldn't lie to the jury. On the second trial day, she stated that she was harsher on days when she was pleased with how her bonnet looked. Voting guilty, she told Naruhodo that she understood why Shamspeare stole gas, due to its high price, but eventually changed her mind after hearing that Herlock Sholmes had used a device to detect handprints on the gas pipe.


Generally calm and lady-like, Juror 2 could also be somewhat naïve; until someone corrected her, she did not consider that someone else could wear similar clothing to the victim or that a wife could throw something at her husband in anger. She was also a fan of Herlock Sholmes.