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An unnamed magician was Juror 3 in the trial of Albert Harebrayne for the murder of Odie Asman.

Harebrayne's trial[]

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As part of Harebrayne's jury for his trial.

Juror 3 began the trial by stating that he thought that both science and magic were both methods of fooling the masses. After Enoch Drebber was brought up, Juror 3 declared his dislike of the man.

The next day, Juror 3 stated that he would not stand for magic being used for murder. He later says that he doesn't trust the police, as the authorities would often harass him while performing street magic. At the trial's conclusion, he feels that the incident has given him a lot to think about.


Juror 3 thought of science and magic as simply different ways of fooling the public, but disliked those who misused magic for nefarious purposes.

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