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Juror 3 (young man)
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An unnamed young man was Juror 3 in the trial of Soseki Natsume for the attempted murder of Viridian Green. After the resolution of said case, he was called upon the following day as a juror once again after Natsume was accused of the attempted murder of William Shamspeare.

Natsume's first trial[]

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As part of Natsume's jury for his first trial.

Juror 3 assumed that Natsume was in a rush to get home because of the winter cold and was unable to think of any detour he could have taken. However, defense attorney Ryunosuke Naruhodo pointed out that Juror 5 was involved in roadworks in area that would necessitated a change in route. Later in the trial, Juror 3 was unable to think of a reason why books would have been thrown from a window, only for a statement by Juror 6 to contradict this.

Natsume's second trial[]

Main article: The Memoirs of the Clouded Kokoro

As part of Natsume's jury for his second trial.

After Natsume was accused of poisoning of William Shamspeare the following day, the same young man was once again called as a juror. As the trial began, he stated that he believed Natsume was guilty because he was Japanese and had a suspicious mustache.

On the second trial day, after Juror 2 made a comment about her the angle of her bonnet, Juror 3 wished that she would adjust the angle of his hat. After voting guilty, he said that gas was dangerous and can explode, unlike poison. However, Naruhodo reminded him of all of positive traits of gas, causing fellow juror Mrs. Altamont to considering hiring him. After she went on to tell Naruhodo that other gas companies steal their gas, Juror 3 was reminded of an incident when he was visited by an investigator from the Altamont Gas Company; the investigator removed Juror 3's gas lamp and blew strongly into it, causing a gas leak and all the flames on his lamps and stove to go out. Juror 3 angrily berated the investigator for trying to get them killed, thinking that he was overly proud of his strength but had no control.


Juror 3 generally came across as a calm and friendly young man.