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An unnamed scientist was Juror 4 in the trial of Albert Harebrayne for the murder of Odie Asman.

Harebrayne's trial[]

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As part of Harebrayne's jury for his trial.

Juror 4 began the trial by stating that whose who tarnish the reputation of science should be eliminated as quickly as possible. As a scientist and member of the Royal Society, he flat-out rejects the feasibility of Harebrayne's teleportation machine, and quickly considers voting guilty owing to the fact that only the defendant and victim were on the stage at the time of the incident. He later theorizes that Harebrayne's motive for murder was the £500 government research grant desired by many scientists. After Enoch Drebber was brought up, Juror 4 declared his dislike of the man, as Drebber had attempted to obtain the coveted research grant using stage magic disguised as legitimate science.

The next trial day, Juror 3 stated that dishonest scientists would face God's wrath. When defense attorney Ryunosuke Naruhodo posited that a wax figure of the killer known as the "Professor" had been inside the teleportation cage, Juror 3 failed to see any evidence supported the theory, as the figure should have looked more like Odie Asman in order to fool spectators. However, after Naruhodo revealed a piece of the Crystal Tower embedded inside the wax figure, he changed his vote. At the trial's conclusion, he declared that scientific thinking is vital.


Juror 4 is devoted to science and cannot tolerate those who commit fraud under the pretense of practicing science. Owing to his knowledge of science, he was immediately skeptical of Harebrayne's teleportation machine.

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