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An unnamed laborer was Juror 5 in the trial of Soseki Natsume for the attempted murder of Olive Green. After the resolution of said case, he was called upon the following day as a juror once again after Natsume was accused of the attempted murder of William Shamspeare.

Natsume's first trial[]

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As part of Natsume's jury for his first trial.

Juror 5 was upfront at the beginning of the trial that he wanted the trial to be over as soon as possible, so that he could get back to work. In the course of the trial, it was revealed that said work was construction on Misham Road at the time of the incident involving Green, although there were was nothing to prevent foot traffic from passing through, leading to children jumping over.

When the furiousness of spouses was brought up, Juror 5 began to give an example using his own wife, only to realize that he had blocked the traumatic incident from his mind. He later remembered said incident: one day, after finishing work, he returned home to find that all of his earnings for the day had fallen out a hole in his pocket, to which his furious wife responded by throwing a knife into the wall right beside him. His incident allowed defense attorney Ryunosuke Naruhodo to explain that something similar had happened between John and Joan Garrideb.

Natsume's second trial[]

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As part of Natsume's jury for his second trial.

After Natsume was accused of poisoning of William Shamspeare the following day, the same young man was once again called as a juror. As the trial began, he stated that needed to earn fifteen shillings by the end of the day, or else he would be dead meat, and that the trial was wasting precious time for him. After voting guilty for the second time, he reveals that the supposed poisoning of Shamspeare's tea reminded him that his wife once sprinkled salt in his tea after he failed to earn any money that day.


Juror 5 came across as impatient during the trials he was involved in, as jury duty kept him from his job, which paid little in the first place. He is somewhat afraid of his wife, with an incident in which she threw a knife into the wall beside him after he misplaced his earnings for the day being an example of why he feels this way.