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An unnamed young girl was Juror 5 in the trial of Albert Harebrayne for the murder of Odie Asman.

Harebrayne's trial[]

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As part of Harebrayne's jury for his trial.

Juror 5 began the trial by uncertainly stating that her role was to give both the defense and prosecution fair consideration before making a decision. While the £500 government scientific research grant was being discussed, she was amazed at the amount and wondered aloud what she would do with such a large sum of money.

The next trial day, Juror 5 repeated her role as a juror as uncertainly as the previous day. When defense attorney Ryunosuke Naruhodo posited that a wax figure of the killer known as the "Professor" had been inside Harebrayne's teleportation cage, she accuses him of making statements without evidence and that she won't let him get away with it. However, after Naruhodo revealed a piece of the Crystal Tower embedded inside the wax figure, she changed her vote. At the trial's conclusion, she was surprised to realize that it was over.


Juror 5's most notable personality trait was her habit of near-constantly eating corncobs. She also seemed relatively uninterested in the court proceedings, to the extent that she was the last to notice when the trial ended. She calls her corncobs "Colonel Cob", and believes that "Colonel Cob" can decide the defendant's fate by eating it while chanting and seeing whether she stops at "guilty" or "not guilty" by the time she's finished.


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