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Juror 6 (elderly woman)
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Juror 6
Oh, yes, dearie, quite prepared. I'm just knitting these mittens for my grandchild.

An unnamed elderly woman was Juror 6 in the trial of Magnus McGilded for the murder of Mason Milverton.

McGilded's trial[]

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As part of McGilded's jury.

During the trial, she initially thought that McGilded was innocent owing to the money he donated creating McGilded Park, which she would normally be visiting at the time; however, after Prosecutor Barok van Zieks reveals that McGilded obtained his wealth from being a loan shark, she joined her fellow jurors in voting him guilty. She eventually changed her mind when defense attorney Ryunosuke Naruhodo pointed out that the way she thought the victim had been stabbed was completely different to how one of her fellow jurors thought it had been done, only to change it back once again after Gina Lestrade appeared to lie to them. When the trial ended with McGilded declared not guilty by the judge, she stated that she was embarrassed that she doubted the man who donated money to McGilded Park.


The elderly juror was quieter than her fellow jurors and more willing to believe in McGilded, owing to the money he donated creating McGilded Park. She was in the process of knitting mittens for her grandchild during the trial.