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An unnamed policeman was Juror 6 in the trial of Albert Harebrayne for the murder of Odie Asman.

Harebrayne's trial[]

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After the theft of the "Professor" wax figure from Esmeralda Tusspells's museum, the officer who would be Juror 6 in Harebrayne's trial was assigned to investigate the crime scene, only to fall asleep on the job. Herlock Sholmes mistook him for a wax figure of the serial killer Ottermole, who was a policeman, and that wax figure of someone named John Clay was the real deal. However, Ryunosuke Naruhodo noticed that the policeman's foot moving and realized the truth.

As part of Harebrayne's jury for his trial.

Juror 6 began Harebrayne's trial asleep, but woke up to exclaim that the such a crime wouldn't have happened in the "good old days". He found the very idea of the Special Provision for the Protection of Science and Technology law ridiculous.

The next trial day, Juror 6 repeated his claim that the crime wouldn't have happened in the "good old days". After defense attorney Naruhodo referred to him as Ottermole, he took great offense and declared that he looked nothing like the infamous serial killer. He also took offense at Naruhodo's accusation that Courtney Sithe and Enoch Drebber would collaborate, having known Sithe for many years. In the process of defending Sithe, he revealed that her maiden name was Stevens, which made Naruhodo realize that she was the one who signed the Professor's autopsy report, which ultimately proved decisive in leading the jury to voting not guilty. After it transpired that Sithe was responsible for Asman's death, Juror 6 wondered aloud what would happen to Scotland Yard.


Juror 6 was constantly tired during both investigations and trial proceedings. He was of the opinion that things were better when he was younger.

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  • Strangely, the policeman wears an identical looking pink and purple patterned scarf to the one worn by Roly Beate, that was made for him by his wife Patricia. Ryunosuke indirectly comments on this, as to a hint to the fact that the policeman is real. However it is then soon revealed that the policeman recently brought the scarf at a store, making the strange similarity of scarfs incongruously unexplained.