KB Security
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KB Security Logo
Organization info
Organization type Corporation
CEO Kane Bullard ( - Oct. 12, 2018)
Established Before 2017
Area info
Entrance CEO's office
Enter from Mask☆DeMasque's Hideout
Main Exhibition Hall
Relevant cases The Stolen Turnabout

KB Security is a small security firm that had been established by the time of Bruce Goodman's murder. Ron DeLite, Larry Butz, and Wendy Oldbag have all been employed as security guards here. The CEO Kane Bullard was murdered when he attempted to blackmail Luke Atmey. The firm would send out security teams to buildings to guard them, presumably by request. Although the company headed security operations against the infamous thief Mask☆DeMasque, its successive failures led to the company's reputation taking a nosedive. KB Security sells, among possibly other things, safes; Damon Gant had a KB Security safe in his office.

Name Edit

  • In the Japanese version, the company is called "KB Keibi" ("Keibi" being Japanese for "security guard"). Kane Bullard's name also has the initials "K. B." in all languages, including romanized Japanese.
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