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The KG-8 Incident refers to a murder that took place in 2009. The victim, Cece Yew, was the sole witness to the Amano Group's shady dealings with the Cohdopian smuggling ring, which resulted in a scandal concerning the company. The prime suspect in the murder, Manny Coachen, was found not guilty in court due to the prosecution's key evidence being stolen. The whole affair brought about the birth of the Great Thief Yatagarasu.

The murder[]

KG-8 Incident newspaper

Newspaper covering the incident.

Cece Yew, an employee of the Amano Group, wished to testify against the company with incriminating evidence of their involvement in a smuggling ring, and so was placed under the protection of Detective Tyrell Badd. The leader of the ring sought to silence Yew, and so sent Manny Coachen to kill her. Coachen managed to evade Badd's surveillance, make his way to Yew, and stab her to death. Her body was discovered the day before she was due to testify, with Coachen subsequently being arrested.

The trial[]

Prosecutor Byrne Faraday took on the case against Coachen and had decisive evidence ready: surveillance footage of Coachen entering the apartment building with a knife. However, an agent of the Amano Group stole the evidence, and without it the prosecution's case fell apart. In addition, an agent of the smuggling ring was planted into the courtroom as Yew's sister "Calisto". As the not guilty verdict was read, Calisto gave a great wail of despair.


After the trial, Faraday and Badd decided that they had to go beyond the law in order to bring down someone like Coachen, and so they began to steal evidence from various companies and expose their secret dealings with the smuggling ring. "Calisto" soon joined them, and they became the "Great Thief Yatagarasu". They continued their vigilante thievery for three years, but Calisto ensured that Faraday and Badd never made it to the ring's leadership.

When the police began to hunt for more evidence of Cece Yew's claims of corruption, the Amano Group claimed that it had found the culprit: an employee called Colin Devorae. Devorae was merely a scapegoat who had no real knowledge of what had been going on, but he was soon convicted and sentenced to prison regardless.

The second incident[]

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Three years after Cece Yew's murder, an employee of the Cohdopian Embassy, Deid Mann, offered himself as a witness to the embassy's connections with the smuggling ring. On the day before he was to testify, Calisto hired a hitman called Mack Rell to silence Mann. The deed was done, but the killer got himself caught on camera and was subsequently arrested. The similarities of this case to the KG-8 Incident led to some high-ranking law enforcement individuals to dub it the "second KG-8 Incident".

Byrne Faraday and Tyrell Badd took on the case. However, Calisto killed Rell and Faraday in a defendant lobby. Manfred von Karma assigned his student Miles Edgeworth to lead the investigation. Although the young prosecutor soon exposed Calisto as the killer, she managed to escape. Byrne Faraday's daughter Kay vowed to bring Calisto to justice, and she became the second Yatagarasu after finding her father's Little Thief device.


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Calisto returned to the Cohdopian Embassy as Shih-na seven years later. Manny Coachen tried to usurp the leader of the smuggling ring, Quercus Alba, but Alba killed him. Shih-na assisted in the body's transportation and then tried to accuse Kay Faraday, who was at the embassy in search of "Calisto", of the murder. However, Miles Edgeworth figured out who she truly was, thereby finally bringing her to justice. Edgeworth went on to prove that Alba was Coachen's killer, as well as the leader of the smuggling ring.