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Ka-Shi Nou
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Ka-Shi Nou was one of the victims in the double murder at the Cohdopian Embassy. He was the self-declared Mask☆DeMasque II, dressing the same as the original, buying one of the widespread copycat outfits. However, he bears no relation to the real Mask☆DeMasque.

A hired thief[]

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Manny Coachen hired Nou to steal the Allebahstian Primidux Statue. Coachen drew up a detailed plan for the thief, but when Nou arrived at the Allebahst Ambassador's Office, ambassador Quercus Alba was in. Unbeknownst to both Nou and Coachen, the Allebahstian statue had already been switched with the Babahlese version, rendering the heist pointless even if it had succeeded.

Alba attacked Nou with the statue, killing the intruder. Alba proceeded to smear Nou's blood on the Samurai Sword that Larry Butz, the actor who played the Steel Samurai in the stage show at the embassy, had earlier left in his office, to place suspicion on the actor. Alba had earlier killed Manny Coachen, but Coachen had managed to wound him; Alba put some of his blood from the wound on some bonsai trimmers, so that even if his crime was found out, he could declare that it was in self-defense after Nou attacked him with the trimmers. Meanwhile, in the Babahlese secretariat's office, Coachen was found dead.

Nonetheless, the ensuing investigation of the two murders found that the two incidents were connected. Despite Alba's claim of self-defense in Nou's murder, Miles Edgeworth eventually proved that he had also killed Coachen, and that Alba's wound had really been from that murder. Alba was put on trial over a week later in Cohdopia for the murder of Ka-Shi Nou.



The only things known about Nou in terms of what he was like as a person were his blatant obsession with Mask☆DeMasque and his willingness to steal the Primidux Statue on Coachen's orders.


  • The kanji in his Japanese name, "Aoi Akaishi" (赤石葵), mean "red" (赤), "stone" (石), and "sunflower" or "hollyhock" (葵). "Red" is likely a reference to the color of blood and therefore his death, and "sunflower" or "hollyhock" could refer to the floral national symbol of Allebahst, the embassy of which he met his end in.
  • "Ka-Shi Nou" is most likely a pun on "casino".
  • When his name is read in the usual Asian format with surname first, it may be a play on "no cash" ("Nou Ka-Shi").


  • Both Nou and Deid Mann have beards in their official art, despite not having them in their mugshots. This makes them and Akbey Hicks the only characters whose official art differs from their final designs.