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Kane Bullard
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Kane Bullard was the CEO of KB Security until his murder after a failed blackmail attempt.

Shady business and failed blackmail[]

Main article: The Stolen Turnabout

Bullard often used his company to gather information on his clients to be sold as profit. He eventually found out that the self-styled "Ace Detective" Luke Atmey was the mastermind behind the high-profile Mask☆DeMasque thefts, and quickly made plans to blackmail Atmey. Unfortunately for Bullard, Atmey refused to allow himself to be blackmailed and subsequently murdered KB Security's CEO via a fatal blow to the head. Bullard died soon afterwards due to cerebral hemorrhaging. Atmey then called Ron DeLite to visit Bullard, knocking him unconcious when he arrived. Upon finding the body, DeLite panicked and hid it in the office safe.

DeLite was eventually accused of the murder, but his defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, was able to acquit him and prove Atmey to be the true killer.


Given his actions, he was a greedy man who would go through great lengths for wealth, though this would eventually come back to bite him.


  • In the Japanese version, his company is called "KB Keibi" ("Keibi" being Japanese for "security guard") and gives the character his initials.
  • The surname "Busujima" comes from one of Shu Takumi's earlier novels.[1]
  • The given name "Kane" is regularly used in popular culture (along with variations) for villains and/or sinister characters. "Kane" itself is likely a reference to the biblical Cain.
  • "Bullard" may come from "bully", "bull", or "blowhard".
    • The surname "Bullard" also means "fraud" or "deceit", being derived from the middle English word "bole".[2]
  • KB Security's name comes from his initials (Kane Bullard).


  • Comparisons can be drawn between Bullard and Redd White. Both are CEOs who used their companies to gather information on others for profit and both engaged in blackmail. However, unlike White, Bullard chose the wrong person to blackmail and paid for his mistake with his life.
  • The murder weapon Atmey used to kill Bullard is unknown.


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