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Jeffrey Master
She always puts aside her own preferences and things that she wants to do herself. ...I want Katherine to choose to live her own life. I do not want her to waste her valuable life because of me.

Katherine Hall was a housekeeper who worked at Jeffrey Master's mansion, as well as being his program partner on the musical cookery television program Piece of Cake. After Master was incarcerated for murder, Hall worked as an actress until she could afford to buy back his mansion and turn it into the Zodiac Art Gallery, of which she became the curator.

Early life


The title for Piece of Cake.

Hall was abandoned by her biological parents at Master's doorstep on Christmas Eve, so he took care of her and raised her as his own daughter. She occasionally tried to mimic his skill in the kitchen to various levels of success. Hall worked hard in the kitchen and on Master's show, Piece of Cake, as a means of expressing her gratitude. She regularly made Master chocolate, his favorite food. She also became a fan of the French sculptor Pierre Hoquet, some of whose works were on display in the mansion.

IS-7 Incident

Main article: IS-7 Incident

Meeting Edgeworth and Fender.

In December 2000, Master held a confectionery competition at his mansion to find someone worthy to receive the "Angel's Recipe", a document from the Master Group pharmaceutical company that his late father had owned. The Angel's Recipe contained various "recipes" for as-yet unreleased pharmaceuticals, and included procedures for making a cure for taste-affecting illnesses like ageusia and hypogeusia. The Master Group disapproved of Master just giving away their trade secrets like this, so they sent one of their own, Delicia Scones, undercover to participate in the competition and win the prize. Hall wanted to protect Master, so she secretly agreed to help Scones with her dessert entries.

As part of his judging of the competition, Master would take photos of everyone's work. However, he ran out of film during the finals, so Hall went upstairs to fetch more. When she came back, she heard a crash coming from Master's room. She investigated and found the body of Isaac Dover, one of the competitors. Seeing the "PH" design on his ring, she immediately realized that he was Pierre Hoquet. She took a photo of the scene and left to inform the authorities, but by the time she returned, the body was gone.

Master was accused of the murder, and Gregory Edgeworth took on his case with Eddie Fender acting as his assistant. Dover's entry was a set of little sherbet sculptures based on the 12 zodiac constellations; Hall feared that they might be tampered with by the police during their investigation. Because of this, Hall took photos of the completed sculptures from various angles, and transported all of them to the house cellar, one by one, using a tablecloth and baggage lift, unaware that Dover's body was hidden inside one of them. The tablecloth covering the casings made the set-up look like a tea cart rather than a lift, and she even served tea to Edgeworth and Fender, with the only hint of the sculptures underneath being that the saucers were cold. She also melted the unfinished sculptures, and later claimed that she must have tripped over the refrigerator wires as she was taking pictures, causing all of the sculptures to melt. During this time, she saw Dane Gustavia, one of the contestants, entering the victim's room.


Dover's sculptures.

Although the police under Manfred von Karma claimed that the victim's body was in their possession, Edgeworth soon deduced that the corpse had gone missing. In court, von Karma presented a forged autopsy report, and the police backed him up on its legitimacy. The trial lasted a year until von Karma was able to force a false confession from Master. Edgeworth was able to prove that the confession had been forced, but the trial ended in a conviction for being an accomplice to the murder. Edgeworth's accusation resulted in von Karma's first and only penalty, and the beginning of the infamous DL-6 Incident.

After Master's conviction, Hall was kicked out of his mansion by his relatives. She visited Master and made chocolates for him every day. She swore that she would buy the mansion from Master's relatives. Eventually, she became a world-famous actress. After obtaining enough money to buy back the mansion, she retired from the business after 18 years and hired Scones as a resident pharmacist.

Exposing the truth


Gumshoe's investigation.

By the time she had bought back the mansion, the statute of limitations had run out on what became known as the IS-7 Incident. The real culprit would be immune to prosecution unless they had been out of the country for three years. Hall found the sculptures that she had hidden all those years ago, only to discover that Dover's body had been frozen inside the Gemini sculpture for all that time. The body had been disguised using one of Scones' fluorescent cloths, which she had used to decorate her entry against the rules. Hall decided to take matters into her own hands and lure out the killer herself.

Realizing that only she and the true killer would know where the body was, Hall turned the mansion into an art gallery dedicated to the works of Pierre Hoquet, where she would claim that the sculptures were replicas of the originals. A week before the grand opening, she stole Scones' bottle of Megatoxin X. Having bought the Angel's Recipe along with the mansion, she found out how to make a poisonous gas using normallium, a commonly available substance, and fatallium, the active ingredient in Megatoxin X.

On the day of the grand opening, Hall placed the sculptures in the four rooms on the first floor, themed after the seasons. However, she intentionally put the Autumn and Winter Palaces in the wrong order, and used Scones' fluorescent cloths to disguise the Autumn Palace sculptures as the Winter Palace sculptures. She booby-trapped the Pisces sculpture, disguised as the Gemini sculpture, with the Megatoxin X and a sample of normallium, which would mix and form a poisonous gas if anyone opened the sculpture's case. She then locked the other rooms, leaving only the Autumn Palace open.

Sure enough, Gustavia arrived early and took the bait. He locked the Autumn Palace door from the inside to examine the sculpture alone, while Hall opened the other rooms in preparation for the official opening of the museum. Gustavia eventually reopened the Autumn Palace door, having triggered the trap, and collapsed, but he had managed to escape before the gas did too much damage. He was sent to the infirmary to recover, and Hall planted the bottle of Megatoxin X in his pocket to make the incident look like an attempted suicide.

Gustavia was not the only one who had been drawn to the gallery. Fender brought Miles Edgeworth, Gregory's son, to look at the sculptures and talk about the IS-7 Incident. They were thus thrust into an investigation of the poisoning incident. Meanwhile, Hall moved the real Winter Palace sculptures and the normallium that she had used, using the same method as before, and took the sculptures to the Summer Palace, where she dumped them into a stream that led to the fountain at the entrance. The body eventually thawed and floated to the surface, finally revealing that Isaac Dover had never left the scene of his murder after all.


Hall's smile.

Eventually, Edgeworth figured out what Hall had done, and accused her of both the attempt on Gustavia's life and Hoquet's murder; she admitted the former crime, but strongly denied the latter, and Edgeworth realized that Gustavia himself was Hoquet's murderer. When confronted, Gustavia claimed that he could no longer be arrested due to the statute of limitations having expired. Hall began to despair, but Fender convinced her not to resort to further drastic measures. It was soon revealed that the statute of limitations was extended due to Gustavia's three-year stay in Zheng Fa, as well as the fact that Master had been tried as an accomplice to the murder for one year, and eventually found guilty. This allowed Gustavia to finally be arrested for his crime.

Hall was charged with tampering with a crime scene and attempted murder, but Fender offered to be her defense attorney. At that, Hall smiled with tears in her eyes and happily accepted the offer before being reluctantly placed under arrest by Detective Dick Gumshoe. A freed Master later stated that it was now his turn to wait for her, as she had been doing for him for all those years.



Aged 16.


Aged 34.

Hall was polite to a fault, and always eager to play the generous hostess, but could at times be slightly over-dramatic. She was greatly devoted to Master, to the point of doing everything for his sake rather than her own desires. Due to the expiry of the statute of limitations on the IS-7 Incident, she was willing to take drastic measures to expose the truth behind the murder for which Master had been arrested, even if it meant taking a life.


  • Japanese - Tsukasa Oyashiki (緒屋敷 司):
    • Her full name in Japanese is a play on the phrase "o yashiki o tsukasadoru" (お屋敷を司る), which means "[to be] responsible for the residence."
    • The kanji "yashiki" (屋敷) in her surname mean "resident or mansion" (explained in-game as Master naming her after where he found her), but may also be a play on "Okashi" (お菓子), which means "sweet" or "candy." "敷" by itself means "blanket" or "tablecloth," likely a reference to how she moved Dover's body.
  • English (Unofficial) - Katherine Hall:
    • Her English name in the unofficial translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Gambit is "Katherine Hall," which is likely a pun on "catering hall," in-fitting with the chef theme. This is further established by her given nickname, "Kate."
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Unofficial) - Cátia Fitriam:
    • In the upcoming unofficial Brazilian Portuguese translation of Prosecutor's Gambit, her name is changed to "Cátia Fitriam." "Cátia" is a feminine name meaning "pure/caste". Put together with her surname, it forms a pun on "anfitriã", the Brazilian Portuguese word for hostess, fitting with her occupations as housekeeper and museum curator.


  • She is Motohide Eshiro's favorite Prosecutor's Gambit character.[1]
  • She is the only culprit in Prosecutor's Gambit who is not directly connected to the mastermind's motive or intentions throughout the game.