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Kay Faraday
Even in the depths of night, when no other bird dares to take flight, one alone soars to shine the light of righteousness on the world's blight! And that one is me! For I am the Great Thief, Yatagarasu!

Kay Faraday is the second Yatagarasu, a self-proclaimed "Great Thief" who "steals" the truth. She assisted Miles Edgeworth during his investigations into an international smuggling ring and his fight against the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee (P.I.C.). Her greatest asset in investigations is "Little Thief", a device that can create holographic simulations.

Early life


Being given her Promise Notebook by her father.

Kay Faraday was born to prosecutor Byrne Faraday. From birth, Kay came to know Byrne's investigative partner, Detective Tyrell Badd, and would even refer to him as "Uncle". Byrne brought Kay to the District Court at times during trials, and at these instances Byrne always bought Kay a Swiss roll from one of the vending machines in the courthouse. In the course of Kay's early life, Byrne had her make several promises and keep them in a "Promise Notebook", including not to cry in front of strangers or to accept any gifts from them.

Her father's death

Kay Faraday
Grr, I told you to stop being mean to Gummy!!!

When Kay was ten years old, during one of her father's trials, the defendant accused Byrne of being the Great Thief Yatagarasu. Court was adjourned and the two men moved into Defendant Lobby No. 2 to talk, and so Byrne was unable to buy Kay her usual Swiss roll treat.

Silly Gummy

Startling Gumshoe by popping her balloon.

After hanging around the vending machine near Lobby No. 2 for a while, with only a pink balloon to keep her company, she met the hungry detective posted as the guard for Lobby No. 2, Dick Gumshoe. He had recently been paid his rather paltry bonus of $5 and agreed to put Kay's and his own money together to buy a $6 pair of Swiss rolls. Kay only had loose change, so ran off to find someone with whom she could exchange her coins for a $1 bill, and soon found Miles Edgeworth speaking with his mentor, Manfred von Karma. Although Edgeworth was puzzled by the little girl's presence, he dutifully exchanged the change for a $1 bill without any questions. Kay told von Karma that he was "scary" and left.

Kay eagerly returned to Gumshoe to retrieve the Swiss rolls. Saving a roll for her father, she and Gumshoe split the other roll among themselves. They sat down at a bench nearby; as a prank, Kay popped her balloon on a cactus plant, startling Gumshoe into dropping his half of the roll. After finishing the roll, Kay told Gumshoe about her promise not to receive gifts from strangers, so "Gummy" promised her that he wouldn't tell anyone about their meeting. Kay left the hallway after this.

Kay and the Cravat

Blowing her nose on Edgeworth's cravat.

Twenty minutes later, Byrne and the defendant were found dead in Lobby No. 2, which Kay quickly found out about. Gumshoe became the prime suspect of the murder, and in anger she ran into the 3rd Floor Lobby, kicked Miles Edgeworth in the shin, and ran away, dropping her Swiss roll in the process. She later tried to ambush him again in Courtroom No. 3, but he caught her in the act. He returned her Swiss roll and, now that the roll no longer had a recipient, she happily ate it. The shock of her father's death then began to overwhelm her, and as she said out loud that she was not going to cry, she burst into tears. Afterward, she blew her nose on Edgeworth's cravat and explained the promises that she had made to her father by giving Edgeworth the Promise Notebook. In return, he gave Kay his drenched cravat, telling her that she was merely borrowing it and would have to give it back later.

Kay followed Tyrell Badd, who was conducting an investigation into Byrne's murder, into Lobby No. 1. Badd told her that he would let her help him in his investigation and gave her some tasks to do to this end. Kay found a bottle of perfume in the room and Badd let her keep it, though she was too young to wear it. In truth, Badd was trying to keep her away from the investigation and what it might reveal. Eventually, Miles Edgeworth confronted Byrne's laugh-prone opponent for the trial, Calisto Yew, and proved that she was the killer. However, Yew told Edgeworth that not only was she the real Yatagarasu, but she was also an agent of an international smuggling ring. She then drew a gun and threatened to shoot Edgeworth, who froze in place until Kay shouted at him to get away, and he dived just in time to avoid being shot. Yew then managed to escape from the courtroom and disappear.

The Promise Notebook went to the police as evidence, but it disappeared.


After Byrne's death, Kay moved far away from the courts to live with her mother's family. Over the next seven years, she lived her life not knowing the true circumstances behind her father's death or what happened to his killer. Seven years later, she found a diary belonging to her father, proving that he had really been the Great Thief Yatagarasu, as well as a device called Little Thief that Byrne had used for his heists. When a calling card from the Yatagarasu was sent to an embassy, Kay decided to adopt the title and return to Los Angeles to look for Miles Edgeworth, as well as vowing to find Calisto Yew and bring her and the smuggling ring to justice.

The second Great Thief

Reunion at Gatewater Land

Kay eventually found Edgeworth tied up in a back room in the Gatewater Land theme park, having been knocked out by an unseen assailant while delivering ransom money to release Lance Amano on behalf of Ernest Amano. She untied the prosecutor and declared herself his investigative partner, due to Dick Gumshoe being forced to work under the rival Interpol investigation under Shi-Long Lang. Whilst Kay instantly recognized Edgeworth, he did not recognize her, and so she held off on revealing their shared past for the moment. The pair soon found the body of a man named "Oliver Deacon", quickly turning the kidnapping investigation into a murder investigation. Deacon was quickly found to have been a convict named Colin Devorae who was connected to the Amano Group and the smuggling ring. Little Thief eventually proved useful for reconstructing an apparent crime scene in the park stadium and the real crime scene in the park's haunted house, which Ernest Amano had bought in an attempt to block investigations into the real building, but the truth that Lance had murdered Devorae was uncovered. After the case's resolution, Kay handed Edgeworth back the cravat that he had given her seven years ago, which reminded Edgeworth and Gumshoe of their first meeting. She then told Edgeworth about the calling card, leading both Edgeworth and Gumshoe to vow that they would help her catch the "fake" Yatagarasu.

The real Yatagarasu

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Shihna kay

Being threatened by Shih-na.

The next day, Kay heard that the Yatagarasu had announced plans to steal the "dirtiest secret" of the Allebahstian-Babahlese embassy. She and Edgeworth headed to the embassy, suspecting that Calisto Yew was behind this. Shi-Long Lang's officers were there as well, as part of the bolstered security in the building. Kay and Edgeworth watched a Steel Samurai stage show in the Theatrum Neutralis between the embassies of Allebahst and Babahl, during which nothing out of the ordinary seemed to occur.

Soon after the show, however, the Babahlese side of the building caught fire, and word spread of claims of Yatagarasu sightings. Kay hurried to the open-air stage, found a cloaked figure, and gave chase. The chase led her to find the corpse of the Babahlese ambassador's top secretary, Manny Coachen, in the secretariat's office. She screamed in shock, but one of Lang's officers, Shih-na, found and apprehended her, accusing her of the murder. Gumshoe and Edgeworth caught up to her before she could be taken away.

Edgeworth placed himself into the investigation team by working under his adoptive sister, Franziska von Karma, who was part of the Interpol investigation into the smuggling ring. Edgeworth examined the room and proved to Shih-na that the murder weapon was from the Allebahstian side, thereby clearing Kay as a suspect. Another murder was then revealed to have occurred in the Allebahstian side, and so Edgeworth had Kay and Gumshoe investigate the Babahlese embassy further while everyone else moved to the other crime scene. Kay found little of interest, however, apart from a small object that looked like a guitar pick.

Lang Intervenes

Lang apprehending Shih-na by jumping in front of Badd's gun.

When Edgeworth returned, he had Gumshoe collect information on the secretariat's office and used Little Thief to reconstruct the office prior to the fire. Although the investigation managed to provide some answers, it still raised more questions, and Kay encouraged Edgeworth to keep going despite the exhausting work ahead. The evidence indicated that Shih-na was involved in the murder, and so the three confronted her at the Theatrum Neutralis. Upon proving that Shih-na had been the figure whom Kay had been chasing earlier, the former gave a familiar laugh, giving herself away as Calisto Yew. Edgeworth encouraged Kay to see her quest through to the end, and so she revealed the perfume bottle that she had kept from seven years ago; the fingerprints on it would prove that Shih-na and Calisto Yew were one and the same.

Shih-na was not about to give up, however. She taunted Kay into drawing closer to her before grabbing and putting a gun to the youngster's head. Edgeworth then had a sudden epiphany: both Byrne and Yew were the Great Thief Yatagarasu. Tyrell Badd then appeared, revealing that he was the third member of the Yatagarasu and had come to put an end to the traitorous "Calisto Yew". However, before he could do so, Lang grabbed Shih-na and declared that she was his responsibility. Shih-na was subsequently arrested and taken away; Byrne Faraday's killer had finally been brought to justice, but the ringleader of the smuggling ring was still at large.

Kay, Edgeworth, and Gumshoe

Team photo.

It soon turned out that the Allebahstian ambassador Quercus Alba was the leader of the smuggling ring and the culprit in both murders. The investigation team confronted Alba, and Edgeworth engaged in a long argument with him while the others stalled him in various ways, preventing him from escaping. Kay told Alba that she would surrender her father's organizer and Little Thief to him if he won the argument, claiming that it contained details of the smuggling ring's activities, though this was largely a bluff as no evidence incriminating Alba existed in the organizer. Eventually, Edgeworth defeated Alba and, with Lang contacting the Allebahstian imperial household to remove his ambassadorship, Alba was put on trial in both America and Allebahst for his crimes. Kay watched as Edgeworth presented his case against Alba to the courtroom, and after the trial told Edgeworth that she would halt her activities as the Yatagarasu until she could find two other girls to form a team like the original one. She took a picture of her, Gumshoe, and (an unwilling) Edgeworth before returning to her life.

Assisting Edgeworth again

This article contains information about Ace Attorney media that has been released only in Japan.

The information in this article comes from a game, demo, or other media that has been released in Japan, but not in any predominantly English-speaking country. The subject of this article has not been officially revealed for English versions of this media. English versions of this content are only available through unofficial translations. More information on this can be found here.

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The speech

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During Wang's speech.

A week after Alba's trial, Kay attended a speech given by Di-Jun Wang, the president of Zheng Fa, at Gourd Lake. During the course of the speech, two gunshots rang out, causing the crowd to panic. Kay managed to take three photos during the incident, which led to the journalist Nicole Swift being suspected of an assassination attempt. Edgeworth was assigned to investigate the incident, which had ended in the murder of one of Wang's bodyguards. It turned out that the assassination attempt had been faked, and Horace Knightley, another one of the bodyguards, was arrested for the murder.

The prison

Two days later, Edgeworth went to the detention center with Kay and Gumshoe to meet with Knightley, only to find him murdered. They met Knightley's defense attorney, Eddie Fender, who had inherited the Edgeworth and Co. Law Offices from Gregory Edgeworth, Miles's late father. Soon, the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee (P.I.C.) got involved, and Verity Gavèlle took Miles off the case, allegedly for his handling of the fake assassination attempt investigation. Miles was replaced by Eustace Winner, whose competence proved questionable even to Kay, and Simon Keyes, a circus worker and Knightley's friend, was indicted for the murder. Fender took Keyes' case, and Kay convinced both of them to take on Miles as Fender' assistant. Throughout the investigation, Fender and Kay encouraged Miles in his new role as a defense attorney's assistant, until the prison director, Patricia Roland, was found to be the real killer.

The gallery

A few days later, Kay learned of a poisoning incident at the Zodiac Art Gallery, where Miles and Fender had gone together to visit, and hurried there with Gumshoe. The victim was a chef called Dane Gustavia, although he managed to survive the attempt on his life. Gavèlle and Winner appeared and again tried to take Miles off the case, but connections were drawn between this incident and the IS-7 Incident, Gregory's last case, and Miles and Fender were permitted to continue. Miles's investigation found that the gallery director, Katherine Hall, had set the trap to catch the true culprit behind the IS-7 Incident, and a confrontation proved that Gustavia had indeed committed the murder for which another person had been wrongly convicted.

Kidnapped and amnesiac

Sota Coat

Confronted by an unknown assailant.


Finding Crane's body.


Falling into the hidden storage room.

Two days after the art gallery incident, an unknown individual contacted Kay and managed to convince her to go to Gourd Lake. She did so, and saw a figure in a red hood approach her. She was suddenly drugged with sleeping pills and abducted. Kay awoke on the viewing platform at the top of Grand Tower, and found a dead body draped in a red raincoat. Startled, she stumbled backwards and fell down a trapdoor behind her, with the resulting impact with the floor below giving her amnesia.

Kay woke up under the care of nurse Karin Jenson, with no memory of who she was, and suddenly in possession of several items. Since Miles Edgeworth's business card was in her possession, Jenson took her to his office. This prompted Edgeworth and Gumshoe to investigate this incident, but Kay soon fell under suspicion of murdering a defense attorney called Jill Crane, due to the items in her possession, as well as Kay's Promise Notebook, which had been found near the body. Blaise Debeste, the chairman of the P.I.C., tried to have Kay arrested quickly, but a determined Edgeworth defied him, even going as far as giving up his prosecutor's badge when threatened with dismissal. Wracked with guilt, Kay ran away and hid in a cherry tree on the viewing platform, where Edgeworth and Fender found her. The three secretly investigated the viewing platform and discovered the trapdoor, which led to a secret storage room containing police evidence from solved cases being sold off in a black market auction. However, they were eventually caught, and when Kay remembered seeing the dead body, both she and Edgeworth were arrested.

Edgeworth had a hearing with the P.I.C. the next day, where he accused Blaise of framing Kay. Kay told Edgeworth to give up, but he refused and told her to instead believe in him. This caused her to remember seeing a one-horned Moozilla Doll in the dead body's possession. This doll turned out to be an audio recording device, which helped unravel the entire plot by Blaise to murder Crane and frame Kay after she had fallen through the trapdoor. Edgeworth returned the Promise Notebook to Kay, causing her to fully regain her memories. However, it was revealed that someone else had planted letters on Kay and Crane to make Blaise believe that the two had joined forces to try to kill him.

Back in business

Main article: The Grand Turnabout

Rescuing John Marsh.

Kay and Edgeworth had hardly left the tower when they found that President Wang had been assassinated, and this time it was definitely not faked. To make matters worse, Roland's trial that day ran into severe problems; Eustace, who was supposed to prosecute the case, did not show up for the trial, and Gavèlle's adopted son John Marsh was kidnapped so that Blaise could coerce her to acquit Roland. Seeing this as her first job as the Yatagarasu, Kay sprang into action with Edgeworth, and later Gumshoe, to rescue Marsh. Both Eustace and Marsh were eventually found, and Eustace took his place at the prosecutor's bench and confronted his father about his crimes. Through this, the investigation files on the SS-5 Incident were unsealed, and Little Thief was used to re-investigate that case. This in turn led to Edgeworth confronting Keyes as the mastermind behind the murders of Knightley, Crane, and Wang, as well as the kidnappings of Kay and Marsh.

Through these events, Edgeworth chose to continue as a prosecutor and regained his badge. In turn, Kay decided that she too would find her own path to fulfill her father's legacy. She believed that she did not need to find three people to form a new Yatagarasu team because she was already part of an unstoppable trio with Edgeworth and Gumshoe.


Kay Faraday HD Mugshot

In 2019.


While amnesiac.

Kay Faraday is energetic, curious, and cheeky. While making observations about crime scenes, she often points out how valuable some of the objects are, and jokes about stealing several of them, much to Edgeworth's distress. However, she makes it clear that the only thing she is really looking to "steal" is the truth. She idolizes her father, Byrne Faraday, and seeks to become a "Hero of Justice" like him, which manifests in her sheer determination. She strives for a world in which the court system is sufficient to deal with all criminals, thereby making the Yatagarasu obsolete.

Kay is a great fan of the Jammin' Ninja and thinks his show is far superior to that of the Steel Samurai. Edgeworth feels at times that Kay would prefer to be a ninja rather than a thief. She is apparently somewhat messy, as she admitted to not always keeping her room tidy. The Yatagarasu's Badge that she wears is hand-made.

As an amnesiac, Kay was far more introverted, as well as being constantly wracked with guilt due to her alleged crime and Edgeworth's efforts and sacrifices to save her. She was the only one other than Roland to accept Fender' offers for a hug, though Edgeworth would always stop these hugs from happening.

Kay is, of course, a bird person, but also prefers cats over dogs. Her best subject is P.E.[1]


  • Japanese - Mikumo Ichijou (一条美雲):
    • The literal translation for her Japanese name "Mikumo" is "beautiful cloud", with the cloud patterns on her vest being a reference to this.
  • English - Kay Faraday:
    • "Kay" is used in a similar way to Phoenix Wright's surname, in that it is used in puns like "You can call me "Kay", 'kay!?" It may also be a reference to the key in her hair.
    • "Faraday" may come from Michael Faraday, a famous chemist and physicist, or the "Faraday cage". Alternatively, Faraday could be a reference to Inspector Farraday, a character from the Boston Blackie franchise. The character of Boston Blackie was a thief turned detective, similar to how Kay aids Miles Edgeworth in his investigations.
      • Her full English name may be a play on "okay for a day".
  • French - Cléa Faradet:


Kay Faraday Portrait 3

Portrait version of her original Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor's Gambit key art.


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  • Kay has green eyes and long black hair, tied in a ponytail by a pink hair decor and a gold hair stick resembling a giant key with three smaller key-like chains hanging from it.
    • Kay's hair bangs resemble the folded wings of a crow, with her black hair adding to this appearance.
    • The key in her hair may be a reference to a Western trope where characters use a hairpin as a lockpick, with Kay doing the opposite, using a key as a hairpin.
  • Kay's clothing includes magenta sleeves rolled up and white cuffs. She wears a blue scarf, pinned with a Yatagarasu's badge. She wears a blue skirt, red, slightly rolled-up gloves, gold bracelets, red socks, and black boots. She wears a brown pouch with a pink strap.
    • The spiral, cloud-like pattern on Kay's vest is called the Karakusa pattern. In Japanese fiction, thieves are usually depicted with bags (normally green) that tie over the face with the Karakusa pattern on it. This would be similar to a thief carrying a large burlap bag marked "swag" in British fiction, or a white bag with a dollar sign on it in American fiction. Byrne Faraday wore a blue scarf with the Karakusa pattern around his neck.
  • As a child, she wears a pink sailor school suit with a blue cape and white tie. She wears jean shorts and magenta shoes. Her hair is also shorter.
  • While amnesiac, she wore a light pink hospital gown, white bandages over her eye, arms, head, left pointer finger and left cheek. She wore a yellow blanket over her shoulders and red slip on shoes. Her hair is down and wavy.


  • Kay was designed as an active girl to contrast with Edgeworth's passivity. Multiple ideas for her were discussed, such as her being a detective or a phantom thief. Tatsuro Iwamoto had never designed a heroine character for the Ace Attorney series prior to this. Despite calling herself a thief, she does not actually steal any items in the Investigations games, though this changes in comics and stage plays.[2]
  • Kay Faraday was the first Investigations-specific character to be revealed and the only one to be revealed as a confirmed character in the initial trailer for the game. Other characters were shown as silhouettes in the same trailer, but were not actually confirmed, and indeed many of these characters didn't make it into the final version of the game.
  • Early clips of Turnabout Airlines were shown in the Tokyo Game Show 2008 trailer, which showed that Kay Faraday was once slated to be introduced earlier in the game.

Other media

  • In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Phoenix Wright has a number of alternative costumes he can wear, the color schemes of which are all references to other characters. Maya Fey appears as some of Wright's attacks and her costume also changes depending on the one Wright is wearing. One of the choices for Wright is based on the color scheme of Godot's outfit, while Maya's corresponding color scheme is based on Kay's color scheme.
  • Kay appears as an Oni character in Onimusha Soul, a social strategy RPG for online browsers and smartphones developed by Capcom and only released in Japan. Franziska von Karma and Maya Fey also appear in the game.