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Klimt van Zieks
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Klimt van Zieks
"To my blackmailer, Hart Vortex, may the curse of the beast be upon you."

Klimt van Zieks was an English prosecutor and serial killer who had lived from 1857 to 1890. He was responsible for at least four murders in London, working under the alias "Professor" while doing so. During his spree, another prosecutor eventually found out who the Professor really was, making van Zieks prone to blackmail. He is also the older brother of Barok van Zieks, also a prosecutor.

Killing as the ProfessorEdit

When Klimt van Zieks was chief prosecutor of London, his younger brother Barok, was still a teenager at London University. He deeply admired him as a role model. Klimt was working hard on an international legal system, he made many exchange systems with a lot of countries in order to obtain knowledge and opinion. Three of them were from the Japanese Empire, Klimt introduced them to Barok. He had large black hound as a pet named Balmung, he used to take him hunting through the woods behind his mansion. He also had a wife of the rich Baskerville family, he received a large jewel encrusted dog collar, worth one thousand pounds, for Balmung upon marriage.

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Prosecutor van Zieks

With Barok when he first became a prosecutor assistant.

However, prosecutor Klimt van Zieks was then responsible for at least four deaths in the area of London, working under the alias "The Professor." He had eventually found out that a Noble of Britain was victimizing the rest of London in order to save himself. Frustrated and angered by this, as van Zieks was not able to do anything about it considering the perpetrator was a Noble, decided to go on a killing spree. In that time, he had murdered at least three Nobles in London, his method of murder not being of that with a knife or firearm, but rather his dog. All of Klimt's victims had their throat torn open by Balmung.

Hound of the Baskervilles

The Hound of the Baskervilles

After Klimt killed that first noble, another prosecutor known as Hart Vortex came to know of Klimt van Zieks' true colors. Vortex then proceeded to blackmail van Zieks by threatening to tell the truth to his wife and brother. Vortex ordered him to kill three other high ranking nobles. The third was the chief justice at the time and also Klimt's mentor and benefactor, who Vortex wanted killed so that he could assume the position. With this, van Zieks was at a stalemate.

A Duel to the DeathEdit

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Genshin and Klimt

Writing his will with Genshin behind him before their duel.

During the time that van Zieks was still active as a serial killer, one of the Japanese exchange students studying in London had pinpointed the identity of the Professor. Shocked by this, Asōgi went to Hart Vortex, begging him to have the police force make a move. Vortex refused, as he thought that Asōgi saying that Klimt had a large dog wasn't enough decisive evidence. Asōgi backed down later on and resorted to his own methods.

Late at night, Asōgi snuck into Klimt van Zieks' residence, cornering him. To give the Professor an honorable death, Genshin proposed that they duel, and van Zieks accepted on two conditions; that he be able to write a will confessing his sins and his crimes, and secondly, for someone to help his pregnant wife, Asōgi agreed. Klimt's will contained a confession of his crimes as the Professor, as well as Vortex's role in the murders. In the postscript, he states that his only worry was how his deeds would affect his brother. He hoped that Barok would forgive him, but did not ask for his understanding. Klimt had already confessed his sins to his wife and she would understand the reason for his death. He ends off with a note of thanks to Genshin. van Zieks was stabbed in the heart, causing his death. Genshin then ran out of van Zieks' residence, leaving his corpse behind. But a numbers of Klimt's servants saw Genshin leave the mansion, this incriminated himself. Klimt van Zieks was henceforth treated as the Professor's fifth and final victim at Asōgi's trial. Hart Vortex was the prosecutor, he didn't want the people to know that a fellow British noble was responsible for the killings. So he roped detective Tobias Gregson and doctor John H. Watson to have them steal Asōgi's ring and pretend that Klimt swallowed it when he was killed.

Klimt van Zieks
"I record this as I prepare to leave this world with my own will. The time is 11 PM in my office and my friend, Asōgi, stands beside me. He is overseeing this conclusion in accordance with the old fashion etiquette of dueling. The Japanese are compassionate, he agreed to give me an honorable death. I, Klimt van Zieks, hereby confess. The one who committed the four murders under the name of the Professor was me. I don't have time to go into detail about the decay of England that I was able to see as an aristocrat. Over the course of these last six months, I have been taking the live of the members of the aristocracy at the center of that decay. There are demons who use that position and power to twist the law and reveal to me the limits of the judicial system. In order to stand against these demons who used the citizens for their own profit, I had no choice but to become a demon myself. I considered it hunting, the fangs of my proud hunting hound dealt them their rightful judgement. However, though I have long been a hunter, I was but a novice of a criminal. I began being blackmailed by a certain person who saw through my crime, threatened to reveal my identity to my beloved wife and younger brother. Since then, I became a serial killer who took people's lives under his orders. But the benefactor, the man I respected, were killed before me, something inside of me shattered. At some point, I had become a beast, giving horrific orders to my faithful beloved dog. Things cannot return to the way they were, either I will die or Asōgi will die, one of the two. To my blackmailer, Hart Vortex, may the curse of the beast be upon you. As I face the last of my life, my only regret is my brother. Barok, a young man who chased after my back and has only just begun to walk the path of a prosecutor. I pray that my deeds do not close off this path to you. I won't ask you to understand. Just, that you forgive your brother. Asōgi is an excellent detective, and a hunter worth respecting. He granted me my last two wishes. The first is that I leave this will. The second, I will not write here. I have confessed my "sin" to my wife. If I die, I'm sure she will understand. Full of gratitude to my oriental friend, I hereby lay down my pen."

Barok van Zieks insisted that he become the prosecutor as he wanted to avenge his brother.

Baskerville Lady

Klimt's wife pregnant with Iris Watson.

Name Edit

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