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Knightle is a young man in Labyrinthia who strove to someday become a knight. He was one of the witnesses in the first witch trial of Espella Cantabella.

An aspiring knight[]

At some point Knightle signed a contract with Labrelum Inc. in order to have his memories suppressed and live a new life as a resident of Labyrinthia. He grew to admire and look up to the knights of the town, and aspired to become one of them someday. He even went so far as to make his own armor, sword, and shield.

Witch trial witness[]

Main article: The Fire Witch

Knightle appeared at the Witches' Court with Wordsmith, Mary, Kira, and Emeer Punchenbaug as witnesses for the trial of Espella Cantabella, who was accused of using an Ignaize spell to kill two thugs who had confronted her. Despite all five witnesses believing that she was the culprit, her defender, Phoenix Wright (with the help of Hershel Layton), pointed out several contradictions in their testimonies, and eventually not only proved her innocent, but also revealed that Kira was the real witch.

Potato vendor[]

Main article: A Taste of Despair

The day after the trial, Knightle was due to sit an entrance exam to become a knight, but ended up oversleeping. In despair, he gave up on his dream to become a knight, and instead became a potato vendor. He even gave himself a new name: "Spudley".

After the events of Maya Fey's witch trial, Wright and Luke Triton found Knightle with his potato cart at the marketplace. After briefly speaking to him, there was a sudden nearby explosion, which destroyed his cart in the process. Knightle fell into despair yet again, and gave up on selling potatoes. Triton suggested that he should take up a temporary name until he found another job, so he decided upon "Whatley".

Another name[]

Main article: At the Market

Roughly a year after the final witch trial, Knightle had taken up another new name: "Ignitely". He gave himself this name believing that "a man's name should express his heart", and that his "heart [was] full of fire".


  • His Japanese and German names are plays on "knight".
  • His English name is a play on the word "knightly", which can be used either to refer to something pertaining to knights or to actions associated with the romantic ideal of a knight (formally courteous, chivalrous, gallant, courtly, etc.).
  • "Constantin", his name in the French version, is a name derived from the Latin for "constant/steadfast", as well as being the name of a Roman Emperor.
  • His Spanish name is play on "hidalgo" (a traditional title for someone of the Spanish nobility or gentry) combined with a typical Spanish name suffix.
  • His Dutch name "Nobelius" is a play on the word "nobel", which means "noble". Names that end with "ius" are commonly associated with the middle ages in the Dutch language.