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This page is about the village near Los Angeles known as Kurain Village. For the similarly-named country, see Khura'in. For other uses, see Kurain (disambiguation).
Kurain Village
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Kurain Village... But I've heard people call this place "Medium Valley", too.

Kurain Village, also colloquially known as Medium Valley, is the hometown of the Fey clan of spirit mediums. It can be accessed from a train station near the Wright Anything Agency. The ride takes about two hours, and the village is too far from the phone networks in Los Angeles for cellphones to get reception. It is located near the coast, with Mt. Mitama separating it from the ocean on the other side.



Kurain Village in 2017.

The largest, most elegant building is Fey Manor, home to the Fey clan. The other villagers reside in rustic, thatch-roofed houses that are smaller and more basic than the Manor.

A giant rock called the "Kurain Boulder" stands in the center of the village. It is vaguely shaped like a monolith. A rope is wrapped around the rock with curse seals hanging from it. An old sign stands beside it that reveals its origins, which Phoenix Wright once noted to be very complex but summarized as "a big stone for spirits to live in... Or something like that..."

There is also an old-style phone booth that doesn't particularly fit with the feel of the village, and an old bus stop. Wright used this phone to call the police when Turner Grey was murdered. Wright commented that traveling by bus seemed very inconvenient, as the buses only came three times per day.

Wright noted that the village seemed unusually quiet during his visit, with no sign of the other villagers. Indeed, the men, who do not have any spiritual power, usually live outside the village.

The village presumably also has some form of tourist trade as a wooden bear sculpture souvenir can be found in the Side Room in Fey Manor. The reason for the sculpture's form is apparently due to the village being famous for its local bear population. However, it does lack the volume of amenities present in the city, since Maya Fey complained that it was not possible to buy Pink Princess trading cards in the village.

Mt. Mitama[]

The mountain visible from the village is called Mt. Mitama. Buses usually run to it, seemingly more often than they do to the city. The mountain houses caves where spirit mediums would go to train, but it has fallen out of use. The cave system within the mountain connects to the ocean on the other side.


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According to Maya Fey, only women can use spiritual powers, and this has resulted in a matriarchal society. The role of men in the village is so small that Wright did not see a single man when he visited the village. This complete neglect of the men has allegedly been the cause of the many divorces and separations that have occurred.

Recent history[]

Murder at Fey Manor[]

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Lotta Channeling Photo 1

The crime scene.

Wright accompanied Grey to Kurain Village in June of 2017. Grey had requested to see the acting and upcoming Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique, Maya Fey, so that he could talk to one of his former nurses. The nurse in question, Mimi Miney, had allegedly died shortly after a malpractice incident at his hospital.

In actuality, Grey was being used as a pawn in a plot against Maya. Mimi Miney, who was still alive albeit in the guise of her dead sister, conspired with Morgan Fey to kill Grey and pin the blame on Maya. During the channeling, Miney stabbed Grey, then knocked Maya out and took her acolyte clothing to replace her. Grey managed to shoot at Miney, but he missed, and Miney took Grey's pistol and shot him in the head. Miney was dressed like Maya, so that it would be assumed that Maya was responsible. However, Wright was able to figure out eventually that the entire chain of events was part of a plan to replace Maya with Pearl Fey as the next master by Morgan Fey, and Maya's innocence was proven.

Justice visits[]

Main article: Turnabout Revolution

In May 2028, Apollo Justice found himself going to Kurain Village along with Trucy Wright and Dhurke Sahdmadhi to visit Dr. Archie Buff. However, they were instead greeted by Ema Skye, who informed them that Buff had been found dead at his home.

While wandering around the village, Justice and Sahdmadhi were greeted by Paul Atishon, who was running for local assemblyman of the village. Although many of the villagers seemed to dislike his intrusive and loud campaigning, Atishon mistook their complaints for support. Justice and Sahdmadhi later met Pearl Fey, who eventually told them that she had seen Buff heading to Mt. Mitama before his death.

As Justice and Sahdmadhi arrived at Mt. Mitama, they were pushed into the caves by Atishon. After exploring for several hours, they found the room where Buff had hidden the Founder's Orb; a relic Sahdmadhi had been searching for in order to return it to the Kingdom of Khura'in. However, the cave started to flood and Sahdmadhi asked Justice to stay where he was while he rushed out to find an exit. As the cave filled with water and Justice was close to drowning, Sahdmadhi returned to save him, and the two managed to get to safety.

As they returned to the village, they were greeted by Phoenix Wright, who informed them that he would be representing Atishon in the ensuing civil trial over the ownership of the Founder's Orb.

Other languages[]

  • Japanese - 倉院の里 (Kurain no Sato)