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Kyurio Korekuta
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Kyurio Korekuta
That lamentable day...the precious Hoei koban was lost to me. No doubt some unscrupulous scoundrel pocketed the prize coin for himself!

Kyurio Korekuta is an antique salesman who owns an emporium called Rasu-tei. He was dining at the La Carneval restaurant when John Wilson was murdered. He appeared as a witness during Ryunosuke Naruhodo's subsequent trial for the crime.

Witness to murder[]

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One day in November, Korekuta obtained a highly rare koban coin from the Edo period. The next day, he went to La Carneval to find someone to sell the coin to. Of the five patrons there, he gained the interest of a poor soldier named Iyesa Nosa. While they were discussing the coin, Korekuta realized that it had gone missing. He began looking around under the table for it. At some point, he heard a gunshot, but he paid it little mind, as his full attention was on finding his precious coin.

The waiter, Satoru Hosonaga, suddenly announced that he was an undercover detective and apprehended the lone suspect of the shooting, a university student by the name of Ryunosuke Naruhodo. After sequestering Naruhodo in a pantry, Hosonaga instructed Korekuta and Nosa not to tell anyone about the presence of British national Jezaille Brett at the crime scene, due to the delicate relationship between the Japanese and British empires. At that point, the three of them and the victim, John Wilson, were the only patrons left in the dining hall, as Kazuma Asogi had already left by the time of the shooting.

Korekuta and Nosa were subsequently called as witnesses for Naruhodo's trial. Naruhodo, acting as his own defense attorney with Asogi's help, was able to see through the lies that the two witnesses had concocted for the sake of following Hosonaga's orders, namely that Wilson had dined alone even though he had undergone a tooth extraction shortly prior. Asogi pressured them into admitting what Hosonaga had told them. He eventually found Korekuta's coin hidden underneath Nosa's steak plate; the latter had stolen it, intending to sell it to supplement the poor pay he received as a soldier. Though Korekuta seems to have suspected this, he never accused Nosa outright until it was proven by Naruhodo. The resolution of this case subsequently led to Brett being revealed as the true culprit.

Naturally, Korekuta was furious at Nosa, not only for stealing the coin, but also for treating it with such disrespect as to hide it under a slab of meat, bathing in its juices. The two men argued after the trial in the defendants' antechamber, while Naruhodo and Asogi searched for the former's missing university pin badge, to no avail. Asogi ended up telling Korekuta and Nosa about the speech competition where he and Naruhodo had first met. Some time after that, Korekuta appeared as a witness at Nosa's trial for the theft of the koban.


Sanmon Sonohigurashi mugshot


Korekuta is obsessed with antiques, to the point of carrying a few with him and examining them mid-conversation. He is generally polite and speaks in complex words, though he can be driven to anger and agitation, such as when finding out what happened to his koban coin. He also is a somewhat careless man with his antiques, as he dropped a tanto on Iyesa Nosa's foot on many occassions due to being surprised or dumbfounded when examining said antique.


Some of Korekuta's mannerisms are taken from the Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney character Tuggit, such as the dramatic beard-pulling when agitated.


  • Japanese - Sanmon Sonohigurashi (園日暮 三文):
    • "Sanmon" (三文) means "three pennies", while his surname "Sonohigurashi" (園日暮) means "making a living day-by-day". Put together, it roughly means "living on three pennies a day".
  • English - Kyurio Korekuta:
    • "Kyurio Korekuta" is likely a play on "curio (i.e., a strange and interesting object; something that evokes curiosity) collector". Jezaille Brett mocks him by assuming the "Kyuri" in his name refers to a cucumber (kyūri).
  • The name of his antique shop "Rasu-tei" is likely a play on the word "rusty".


  • Russian - Korekutsi Onneri:
    • "Korekutsi Onneri" is a play on "kollektioner", which in Russian means "collector".