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Kyurio Korekuta
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Kyurio Korekuta
A koban! A quality, irreplaceable golden coin, dating from the Hōei era!

Kyurio Korekuta was a Japanese antique salesman dining at the La Carneval restaurant when John Wilson was murdered. He appeared as a witness during Ryunosuke Naruhodo's subsequent trial for the crime.

Witness to murder[]

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Kyurio Korekuta was an antique dealer who owned an emporium called Rasu-tei. One day, while dining at La Carneval, he met a soldier named Iyesa Nosa. Nosa stole a Hōei-era koban coin from him, intending to sell it to supplement the poor pay he received as a soldier. When Korekuta realized it had gone missing, he began looking around the restaurant for it, but heard a gunshot while searching under a table. Turning around, he saw what he believed to be Ryunosuke Naruhodo shooting John Wilson dead.

Korekuta was subsequently called as a witness for Naruhodo's trial. Detective Satoru Hosonaga ordered both Korekuta and Nosa not to reveal the presence of Jezaille Brett at the crime scene, due to the delicate relationship between the Japanese and British empires. Naruhodo, acting as his own defense attorney, not only exposed the theft of Korekuta's koban, but also revealed Brett as the true culprit. Naturally, Korekuta was furious at Nosa for stealing from him, and the two men argued after the trial on a bench in defendant lobby, while Naruhodo searched for his missing defense attorney armband. The two men then heard about how Kazuma Asogi first met Naruhodo and how bad he is at tongue twisters. Some time later, Korekuta appeared as a witness at Nosa's trial for the theft of the koban.



Kyurio Korekuta often spoke in a complex manner. He was obsessed with antiques, to the point of carrying a few with him and examining them mid-conversation. Although generally polite, he became agitated after his koban was found.

Korekuta was a frequent customer at La Carneval, drinking their aromatic coffee each afternoon. According to Asogi, he would persuade other customers into buying his wares. He seemed to have suspected Nosa of stealing his koban, but never accused him outright until it was proven by Naruhodo.


  • His Japanese given name "Sanmon" (三文) means "three pennies", while his surname "Sonohigurashi" means "making a living day-by-day". Put together, it roughly means "living on three pennies a day".
  • His English given name "Kyurio Korekuta" is likely a play on "curio (i.e., a strange and interesting object; something that evokes curiosity) collector".
  • The name of his antique shop "Rasu-tei" is likely a play on the word "rusty".