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(Léon the lion... Regent and Regina... Interesting name choices...)

Léon was a lion at the Berry Big Circus. Until his death, he performed with the lion tamer Regina Berry, daughter of the circus's owner, Russell Berry. He was put down by the ringmaster after an accident that put Bat, a performer at the circus, into a coma.


One of Regina Berry's acts was to put her head inside Léon's mouth. One day, Bat made a bet with Regina; if he could put his head into Léon's mouth, she would have to go on a date with him. Bat duly put his head in the animal's mouth but events quickly spiralled out of control.

Regina had earlier covered Bat's scarf in pepper as a practical joke. This caused the lion to sneeze and bite down on the young acrobat. His older brother Acro tried to save his sibling, but was severely injured in the process, losing the use of his legs. Bat himself was put into a coma.

To Acro's annoyance, Regina believed Bat was only sleeping, failing to understand the seriousness of the situation. After the incident, the ringmaster of the circus, Russell Berry, shot Léon and covered up the entire accident for fear that the circus would be shut down. Unfortunately, it was far from over. Acro's feelings of resentment towards Regina culminated in an attempt on her life that ended with the accidental death of the ring master.


  • Léon is a French male given name that comes from the Latin word for lion (leō), which in turn, comes from the Ancient Greek word for lion (λέων; leōn).
  • In-game, the lion was named by Russell Berry who felt that names should be "simple and easy to associate". Moe, who named all the other circus animals, attempted to name him "Lyin' the Lion" but the ringmaster intervened and bluntly told the clown, "Don't lie to yourself. That name is awful."