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La Quantos
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Meiji period
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La Quantos is a Western themed restaurant in Japan. Its menu includes coffee, luxury carbonated water from France, and their signature beefsteaks. Those beefsteak are made of veal and grilled on an iron plate. The restaurant was the scene of a murder that took place in 1899.


La Quantos customers were usually rich patrons. However, a sergeant in the Imperial Army named Taizou Uzukumaru went to the restaurant every three days to steal from those patrons in order provide for his son. He would avoid having to pay for cutlery by simply biting directly into his food in a barbaric fashion. These thefts were reported to the police who sent detective Satoru Hosonaga undercover as a waiter to investigate.

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My Beautiful Mophead Husband

Kazuma Asōgi

One day, an antique dealer and frequent customer named Sanmon Sonohigurashi sat with Uzukumaru, they both ordered a beefsteaks. Other customers were Ryūnosuke Naruhodō with Kazuma Asōgi and John Watson with Jezail Brett, the latter two were from England. Watson only ordered carbonated water because he just had a tooth extracted and Brett also ordered a beefsteak. Naruhodō and Asōgi both ordered coffee, they were talking about how Asōgi was just about to go on his trip to England so he can change the judicial system.

My Cute Ancestor Son

Naruhodō and Watson talking

After Asōgi left, Naruhodō decided to introduce himself to Dr. Watson. Unknown to the two men, Brett was intending to kill the doctor by putting curare (a paralyzing poison not known in Japan) in his water. She intended to quickly leave before he died and the beefsteak was to make it look like he was dining alone. But when Naruhodō came, a huge conversation erupted preventing Brett from leaving. By the time the curare kicked in, John Watson started to fall, he also got a bull-shaped burn mark on his wrist from the hot plate. Brett used the chair to prevent his body from falling over while Naruhodō went back to his table to finish his coffee.

Ryuunosuke With A Gun

Naruhodō holding Watson's gun

Jezail Brett then got the idea of framing Naruhodō, so she dropped Watson's self-defense pistol on the floor and hid. When Naruhodō was leaving, he noticed the pistol on the floor and decided to give it to Watson. Sonohigurashi was looking for his koban under the table which Uzukumaru, looking at his steak, hid in his pocket. As Satoru Hosonaga was cleaning utensils in the kitchen, Brett fired her own gun and everyone heard the echoing shot, blood got on Brett's plate. Hosonaga locked Naruhodō in the kitchen storeroom, during which Brett rotated Watson's chair to have his back face the table. Taizou Uzukumaru was afraid the police would search his pockets when he was called as a witness to the murder. So he hid Sonohigurashi's koban under his beefsteak and swapped the plate with Brett's.

Three days afterwards, the crimes of both Brett and Uzukumaru have been brought to light. Hosonaga invites Naruhodō, Asōgi, Susato Mikotoba and her father Yūjin, to La Quantos to celebrate.


  • "クワントス" is a play on "喰わん" which is the negative tense of "Eat".
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