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Lady Baskerville was a noblewoman and the wife of Klint van Zieks.

Early life[]

The lady was born into a wealthy family and was described as a member of the gentry.[1] Sometime in the late 19th century, she wedded Klint van Zieks, a well-known prosecutor and member of the British aristocracy. Her family gifted him with a lavish jewel-studded collar for his beloved hunting hound, Balmung.

The Professor[]

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The Hound of the Baskervilles

Unbeknownst to the lady, Klint began murdering members of the aristocracy ten years prior to the events of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, believing it to be the only way to hold powerful criminals accountable. He mauled his victims using Balmung, who wore the collar his wife's family had given him.

After the second Professor murder, fellow prosecutor Mael Stronghart quickly deduced van Zieks was the culprit. He blackmailed van Zieks into killing those whose deaths would benefit himself, threatening to reveal the truth to Klint’s wife and his younger brother should he refuse. Unable to bear the thought of his family discovering his deeds, van Zieks complied, even dispatching his beloved former mentor so Stronghart could further his own ambitions. The toll these deaths took on van Zieks was noticeable to his loved ones, though they did not know the true cause. He would commit three more highly-publicized murders as the Professor, before his killing spree was brought to an abrupt end.

Van Zieks pens his confession as Genshin Asogi looks on.

Late one night, six months into the Professor killings, van Zieks was confronted in his home by his investigative partner, Genshin Asogi, who had worked out on his own that Klint was behind the murders. Asogi proposed they duel to allow his longtime friend an honorable death, and van Zieks accepted on two conditions: that he be allowed to write a last will and testament confessing his crimes, and that Asogi would ensure protection for Klint’s pregnant wife. Asogi agreed to his terms, and van Zieks personally confessed to his wife before penning his will. The duel ended in van Zieks’s death from a stab wound to his heart. Asogi was later arrested and pinned as the culprit of the Professor killings by Stronghart, with van Zieks publicly named as the Professor’s fifth and final victim.

The Baskerville lady in labor.

In the days before his execution, Asogi gave Yujin Mikotoba instructions to find Klint's wife, who was about to give birth at an old house in Dartmoor in Devon. Though Mikotoba helped successfully deliver the baby girl, the woman died shortly after. Before his ordered return to Japan, Mikotoba left Klint's baby in the care of his English detective partner, Herlock Sholmes.

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  • The lady's surname is taken from titular Baskervilles in The Hound of the Baskervilles written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The surname Baskerville itself is a habitational name from Boscherville in Eure, France, named with Old Anglo-Norman French boschet ‘copse’, ‘thicket’ (a diminutive of Bois) + ville ‘settlement’, ‘town’.


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