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Rayfa Padma Khura'in
The Holy Mother guides our souls, and Lady Kee'ra keeps the peace with her dagger.

Lady Kee'ra (whose real name was Ihmsan) was the co-founder of the Kingdom of Khura'in in the 7th century along with her older sister, with the latter coming to be revered in the country as the "Holy Mother". While Kee'ra lacked her sister's ability to channel spirits, it was said that none were her equal when it came to wielding a dagger.

She is commonly depicted wearing a gold mask with three red feathers and a red diamond, purple robes outlined in a red pattern, and orange feathers attached to the robe by gold clasps around her neck. The Plumed Punisher borrows heavily from this design with her golden mask, use of a dagger, and general warbaa'd motif.


  • "Torihime", her Japanese name, literally means "bird princess".
  • "Kee'ra", her English name, is a play on "killer".
  • "Ihmsan" may be a pun, as her Japanese name in katakana, イムサン (Imusan) can look like 仏サン (Butsu-san), which means "Buddha".

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