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This article is about the piece of evidence in Turnabout Goodbyes. For other photographs taken by Lotta Hart, see Lotta's Photo (disambiguation).

The first of two photographs of Gourd Lake was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Robert Hammond.

Hammond's murder[]

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Lotta Hart found the photo among the ones that her camera had captured. Proclaiming herself to really be a witness, she enlarged the photo, but when she volunteered herself to stand in court, Prosecutor Manfred von Karma told her only to submit the original photo into evidence. During Miles Edgeworth's trial for the murder, Wright used the original photo to show that Hart could not have seen the defendant clearly, as there was a lot of fog in the photo. Later, she attempted to reveal the enlargement to the court, but von Karma tried to shut her down. Wright eventually managed to get her to show the enlargement, which revealed that the shooter was holding the murder weapon in his left hand, despite Edgeworth's fingerprints on it being from his right hand.

Later, during the second investigation, Wright used the photo to get the boat rental shop caretaker to tell him about the murder.


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