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Why should it matter where I sing, when everywhere I go is the same darkness?

Lamiroir is a famous singer from Borginia and a witness to the murder of her bodyguard. She is particularly famous for the song "The Guitar's Serenade". Her real name is Thalassa Gramarye, and she is the daughter of renowned magician Magnifi Gramarye. She was a magician's assistant in Troupe Gramarye, which included Magnifi's pupils Zak Gramarye and Valant Gramarye. Like all of Magnifi's descendants, she can utilize special-alloy bracelets to "perceive" subtle nervous habits. During a magic show rehearsal, she was accidentally shot. She subsequently lost her sight and her memory, and eventually came to live in Borginia. She regained her memory after getting an eye operation to restore her sight.

Early life and childrenEdit

Thalassa photo

Photograph as Thalassa.

When Thalassa Gramarye was young, she left Troupe Gramarye to marry Jove Justice, a guest performer from one of their shows, and had a son named Apollo with him. A year after the marriage, Jove brought Apollo with him on a trip to Khura'in, where he performed for Queen Amara Sigatar Khura'in. However, an arsonist set the queen's residence ablaze, resulting in Jove's death as he tried to save his son. Due to the uproar over the queen's supposed death, Apollo was lost in the chaos, leaving Thalassa unable to reunite with her son, who was left with only one of her bracelets as a link to his biological parents. Thalassa then went back to the Troupe from whom, aside from her father, she kept much about what happened. Eventually she came to marry fellow member Zak Gramarye and had a daughter with him.


Thalassa's Accident

The accident.

A few years later, during a rehearsal of "Zak & Valant's Quick-Draw Shootem", which required the use of prop pistols, Thalassa was shot. Her father quickly took charge to cover up the accident, to protect the Gramarye name. Zak and Valant believed Thalassa to be dead. However, she survived and ended up in the small European nation of Borginia. She lost her memory and her sight from the trauma, and thus she had to restart her life from scratch.

Rebirth as LamiroirEdit

Landscape Painter in Sound

Promotional image as Lamiroir.

To make her living, Thalassa began singing in a small restaurant. She called herself "Lamiroir", and performed with a young piano player called Machi Tobaye. Lamiroir stayed in Borginia until a producer discovered her, and she toured the world. However, the producer came up with the title "The Landscape Painter in Sound" before finding out that Lamiroir was blind, so to be able to continue to use the title, they agreed under contract that Tobaye would pose as the blind member of the duo in order to conceal her condition. No one else knew about this except Lamiroir's bodyguard, Romein LeTouse.

Witness to murderEdit

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Lamiroir in the vents

Moving through Sunshine Coliseum's ventilation system.

One day, Klavier Gavin visited Borginia and found Lamiroir. Moved by her singing, he invited her to perform in one of his concerts. They wrote a song together entitled "The Guitar's Serenade", to be performed as a vocal solo by Lamiroir, accompanied by Tobaye on piano and Gavin on guitar. The song was planned to debut in the second of three sets during a concert at the Sunshine Coliseum, while Gavin's band, the Gavinners, would play in the first and third sets. Valant Gramarye was hired to help with an illusion that would be performed during the concert. Valant remained oblivious to Lamiroir's past identity.

The concert initially went as planned. The Lamiroir on stage was actually Valant Gramarye, who would "disappear" during the performance, while the real Lamiroir crawled through the air ducts toward a platform on which she was to "reappear". However, while she was crawling through the ducts, she came within earshot of her dressing room, and heard a man's voice saying, "It's over. Press the switch! Now!" followed by two gunshots. However, the show had to continue and she went on her way. During the last set of the concert, Apollo Justice and Ema Skye discovered a dying Romein LeTouse in Lamiroir's dressing room, who told Justice, "The" before succumbing to a gunshot wound. Tobaye was later arrested for the murder.

Justice represented Tobaye for his trial, assisted by Trucy Wright. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, the two of them happened to be Thalassa Gramarye's children. Justice called Lamiroir to the stand, as LeTouse had indicated her as a witness. Lamiroir gave her testimony, but lied about seeing the murder to honor her contract and hide her blindness. Nonetheless, Justice still had the bracelet that his mother had given to him as a baby, which helped him to notice when she was lying. During the trial, it was revealed that LeTouse was an Interpol agent on an undercover investigation. Suddenly, Lamiroir recognized the voice as belonging to LeTouse's killer: Daryan Crescend. Court was adjourned in light of this development.

Later that day, Crescend attacked Lamiroir in the Sunshine Coliseum, in an attempt to prevent her from testifying further. However, Lamiroir managed to hide inside a contrabass case to evade her assailant, where Justice discovered her. Phoenix Wright visited her during her subsequent hospitalization and suggested that she have an eye operation, but she feared what she would find out about her past life if she went through with the procedure. Justice later talked with Lamiroir about what LeTouse had been investigating: the smuggling of a Borginian cocoon, which was punishable by death in Borginia. They realized that Tobaye was involved, but Crescend moved him to the Borginian Embassy before Justice could get much information out of him.

The next day in court, Justice decided to try to get the truth out of Tobaye under oath. Tobaye testified, with Lamiroir interpreting his Borginian as he was unable to speak much English, but Justice saw through the lies that both of them were trying to maintain. Justice insisted that they should trust him instead of trying to protect each other with lies, so Lamiroir found herself testifying on the murder again. Valant's illusion became a key factor in the case, as it, combined with what Lamiroir had heard the killer say, unraveled a plot between Tobaye and Crescend to smuggle a Borginian cocoon, and burn it via remote-activated firecrackers if things went sour. Although Crescend proved formidable on the witness stand, and Justice had no decisive evidence to pin him as the killer, Tobaye eventually agreed to testify about his role in the smuggling operation, so that he would be tried and punished in the United States and avoid an automatic death penalty. This would decisively establish Crescend as the killer.

Justice's defense inspired Lamiroir to go through with the eye operation, and she subsequently recovered her memory and her sight. However, Justice and Trucy continued to have no idea that they had met their long-lost mother.

Jury dutyEdit

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Casting her vote for Vera Misham's verdict.

Thalassa participated in the first trial for the Jurist System, a revival of the jury trial system, as "Jurist No. 6". During the course of the trial, Phoenix revealed to the jury the long and complicated background behind the case implicating someone other than defendant Vera Misham as the culprit. Thalassa was concerned about the rule forbidding persons involved in the case from participating in the jury, but Phoenix clarified that nobody in the jury was involved in the development of the case. The jury then unanimously declared Misham innocent. Thalassa thanked Phoenix for all he had done, including allowing her to see her children and looking after Trucy. Phoenix asked whether she would reveal herself to them, but she only replied that she would wait for the right moment.

Subsequent whereaboutsEdit

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Penrose flowers

Lamiroir's bouquet of white flowers in Trucy's Penrose Theater dressing room.

Two years later, Thalassa sent Trucy a bouquet of flowers when the latter made her television debut in the magic show "Trucy in Gramarye-Land". Phoenix later invited Thalassa over to his law office to deliver a photograph of her first husband, Jove. They talked about Apollo and Trucy, suggesting once again that they should tell them the truth about their shared parentage.



Mugshot as Thalassa Gramarye.

As Lamiroir, Thalassa was quiet, respectful, kind, very modest about her singing ability, and often used a quite poetic style of speech. In court, she was somewhat reserved, refusing to reveal important information to Apollo Justice or voice her confusion over certain issues.


  • Her Japanese surname, "Arumajiki" (或真敷), means "unworthy". It could also be a play on "aru" meaning "there is" and "majiki", possibly meaning "magic".
  • Her Japanese given name "Yuumi" (優海) contains the kanji for "gentle" or "elegant" (優) and the kanji for "sea" (海). The latter may be in reference to her nickname of "the Siren", which in Greek mythology were creatures with enchanting voices which lived on small islands in the sea.
  • Thalassa is the name of a sea goddess in Greek mythology (as well as being Greek for "sea"). This fits with her son's name, and it references her Japanese given name.
  • The English surname "Gramarye" comes from a word once used as a synonym for magic or sorcery. It is also an alternative spelling of "grimoire", which is a book of instructions in the use of magic. The French surname "Grimoire" is a more obvious play on this.
  • "Lamiroir" comes from the phrase "le miroir", which means "the mirror" in French. "La" is probably used instead of "le" because of Lamiroir's gender.
  • In-game, "Lamiroir" apparently means "goddess of song" and "the Siren" in Borginian.


  • The design on her face veil is a hiragana "ra" (ら). When she is surprised, it flips so that it resembles a question mark.
  • Like the other members of Troupe Gramarye (while she was still part of the group), Thalassa's cape is held in place by a brooch in the shape of a suit in a deck of cards. In Thalassa's case, this is diamonds. A diamond brooch can be seen on the white dress she wears.
  • The player briefly controls her at the end of the trial in Turnabout Succession as she votes for a guilty verdict or an innocent verdict (depending on whether the player wants the bad ending or the good ending).
  • Lamiroir's outfit makes a reappearance in Turnabout Academy as a costume supposedly designed by the Themis Legal Academy student Juniper Woods for a performance by her, with Klavier Gavin accompanying on guitar, of "The Guitar's Serenade" at the school's festival. The constellation-patterned cloak and white dress underneath match exactly, although it does lack the veil of the original. The canon in-universe explanation is that Woods just so-happened to design the exact same costume by coincidence, whereas out of universe this was done as a way to tie into the sub-plot regarding Woods' crush on Apollo Justice (as it allowed the cutscene in which Juniper gains "brownie points" with Justice, who is a fan of Lamiroir's music).[1]

References Edit

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