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Lamiroir's Dressing Room
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Lamiroir's Dressing Room
People to meet Romein LeTouse
Ema Skye
Available evidence Brooch
Key Ring
Linked locations Backstage hallway
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Lamiroir's dressing room for her concert at the Sunshine Coliseum. It was the scene of the murder of Romein LeTouse.

Death of LeTouse[]

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In 2026, the Chief Justice's son contracted the deadly disease Incuritis, which could only be cured using a powerful antidote made from a Borginian cocoon. Because the cocoon could also be used to create a deadly poison, it was illegal to export it out of Borginia. However, the Chief Justice contacted Daryan Crescend to smuggle a cocoon into the US. Crescend kept a day job as a detective, but also played second guitar to the Gavinners.

When the Gavinners went abroad into Borginia, Crescend took action. He saw his chance when the "Siren of the Ballad", Lamiroir, signed a contract to do a one-time-only exclusive performance of "The Guitar's Serenade" with the Gavinners. Crescend convinced Lamiroir's soft-spoken piano accompaniment, Machi Tobaye, to become his accomplice. Tobaye acquired a cocoon and gave it to Crescend, who then stashed it in Klavier Gavin's guitar for the return trip. As Gavin was using an evidence shipping company that was exempt from customs, the cocoon soon reached its destination.

However, Romein LeTouse, an undercover Interpol agent, had already been planted ahead of time as Lamiroir's manager, bodyguard and interpreter. He suspected that either Lamiroir or Tobaye was involved in the smuggling, but eventually singled out Crescend as the ringleader. During an intermission in a Gavinners concert, LeTouse cornered Crescend in Lamiroir's dressing room and questioned him at length. During the ensuing struggle, Crescend stole the bodyguard's .45 caliber revolver and shot him dead. He then called Tobaye and instructed him to remotely detonate Gavin's guitar, to erase the cocoon and, therefore, the evidence. He then left to perform in the concert and set up his alibi.

Tobaye himself was accused of the murder. Defense attorney Apollo Justice, while watching over the body for a police detective, heard LeTouse say with his dying breath, "The witness is siren". In court, Justice eventually interpreted this to mean Lamiroir, and called her as a witness. Justice eventually began to suspect Crescend of the murder, and called him to the witness stand. Justice's cross-examination tactics revealed Crescend's whole truth, but Tobaye was forced to confess to the cocoon smuggling in order to seal Crescend's fate. In his home country of Borginia, he would have received the death penalty, but in America, the punishment would not be nearly as harsh. Tobaye was subsequently found not guilty.