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This article is about the piece of evidence initially labeled as "Cell Phone" in Rise from the Ashes. For other pieces of evidence with the same name, see Cell Phone (disambiguation).

A cell phone belonging to Lana Skye was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Bruce Goodman.

Goodman's murder[]

Main article: Rise from the Ashes

Wright found the phone by the car where the body was found. He later examined it and tried dialing the last number called, although Jake Marshall interrupted him and revealed it belonged to Lana Skye.

Later, during the trial, Angel Starr revealed that she had said the word "muffler" while talking to Ema on the phone. This fact was later used to show why the cloth in the car's muffler, seen in another photo that Starr had taken, was important to the case.

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