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(I guess Lang Zi had a lot to say in life, and on a lot of mundane topics as well...)

Lang Zi (c. 2000 BCE) was a philosopher from Zheng Fa who is known for his "philosophy of detainment". His teachings mainly revolve around catching criminals in a militaristic fashion. The Interpol agent Shi-Long Lang is a descendant of Lang Zi.


Shi-Long Lang is the source of almost all known Lang Zi quotes.

Lang Zi says:

"The pack that runs together, stays together."
"A cub who disrespects others soon feels the disciplinary bite of an elder."
"Every pack has its own rules."
"Search where the water is deepest."
"A criminal always returns to the scene of the crime."
"Successful investigations are the result of multiple returns to a crime scene."
"Confidence is like a soul, and words without confidence are but empty shells."
"The passage of time is but a fleeting moment."
"The timid never reach the land of Truth."
"On truth's path, the word 'probability' does not exist."
"Reject not those who seek the truth."
"A wolf who aims to hunt for two rabbits at once..."
"True friends are bosom friends."
"Until the root of the tongue dries, one never knows the whole truth."
"Capable of miracles beyond comprehension, a mysterious creature is man."
"One should always perform one's job in the proper manner."
".........Just go already!"
"Those who hold a sword hold an equally strong will."
"Those with a shield on their back deflect all enemies behind them."
"Expect everything from a criminal."
"......That's top secret." (said by the MIB)
"There is no value in trusting those who bear this mark."
"Inevitably, all who have evil in their hearts find themselves in Hell."
"Only cooperate with those you can trust."
"One should always know one's place in life."
"Little cubs, never do they know the real fury of the Elder wolves."
"All men are brothers. And all friends become family."
"Persistence soon turns into fixation."
"The truth lies not at the exit, but rather, shines outside the maze itself."
"Don't object and call a success what is beyond reasonability."
"Items that become evidence should never have any part overlooked."
"The reason people judge people is because people are people."
"Before aiming for the throat, chew the neck shield off first."
"Ferocious love blooms with each new Spring."
"Thoroughly bite the poisonous snake from head to tail."

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"First come, first suspected."
"The wolf is mightier than the crow."
"The wrath of a wolf lasts a hundred years."
"The end of the trial is not always the end of the case."
"The darkness inside a criminal's heart can be likened to a monster."
"No matter how young the cub, never pity an ungrateful pup."
"Evidence doesn't speak!"
"A schemer drowns in his own schemes."


  • "Láng zǐ" (狼子) literally means "Son of the Wolf" in Chinese. His name may also have been inspired by that of Laozi, a mystic philosopher of ancient China and author of the Tao Te Ching, in which case "Lang Zi" may be an honorific title meaning "Wolf Master", as "Laozi" literally means "Old Master".


Lang Zi may be based on Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese military general, strategist, and philosopher who authored the military treatise, The Art of War.

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