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Phoenix Wright
Our school had a saying: "When something smells, it's usually the Butz." In the 23 years I've known him, it's usually been true. He has a knack for getting himself in trouble.

Larry Butz (sometimes going by the self-styled pen name "Laurice Deauxnim") is Phoenix Wright's oldest friend and first client, and a childhood friend of Miles Edgeworth as well. Overemotional and unmotivated, he has been involved in Wright's and Edgeworth's investigations from time to time, nearly always appearing with a different occupation and clothing. Butz also changes girlfriends frequently, with each relationship ending with him being unceremoniously dumped. He had at least five jobs and nine girlfriends in the space of three years before seemingly settling on becoming an artist and picture book author.

Early life[]

Baby Butz

Butz in fourth grade, defending Wright during the class trial.

As a child, Butz befriended Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth in elementary school. At one point during a field trip, Butz bought a fake sword and began to shadow fight with himself.

One day, during the fourth grade, he was absent from school. However, he was bored, so he went to school anyway and stole $38 of Edgeworth's lunch money. The next day, Wright was accused and put on a classroom trial for the theft, but Edgeworth and Butz defended Wright from the accusations, asserting that there was no proof that Wright had done the deed.

Butz has described himself as a "bona-fide junior high school graduate", suggesting that he never graduated high school.

On trial[]

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Sahwit watching Butz leave Stone's apartment.

Butz's first known girlfriend was Cindy Stone, a model, whom he dated during 2016. She soon dumped him, however, refusing to take his phone calls or see him ever again. Despite this, on July 31, Butz went to her apartment, but since she wasn't home at the time, he soon left. Stone was later found dead and Butz was arrested for her murder.

Wright, in his first trial as a new defense attorney, proved that a man called Frank Sahwit, a petty thief, was the real murderer, and thus, Butz was declared not guilty. However, Butz's opinion of Stone was shattered when it was revealed during the trial that she had quite a few "sugar daddies" to fund her lifestyle. At first, Butz was still sad because Stone was dead, but then said that she had obviously not cared for him. However, Wright showed Butz "The Thinker" clock that Butz himself had made for Stone, and had been the murder weapon. Being a heavy clock, Butz must have meant something to Stone, otherwise she would not have carried it on her international trips. Butz tried to dismiss this, and gave Wright's boss, Mia Fey, another Thinker clock. Although he thanked Wright for helping him, he neglected to actually pay him for his defense.

Gourd Lake hot dog vendor[]

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Butz Hot Dog

Selling hot dogs.

In December, Butz took a new job selling hot dogs by Gourd Lake to pay for yet another model girlfriend, Kiyance, who made a "Samurai Dogs" sign for his stall and bought a Santa Claus outfit for him to use. However, she soon vanished to Hawaii for a photo shoot. On Christmas Eve, Butz rented a boat from the caretaker's shack to search for a giant inflatable Steel Samurai used to advertise his stall, which had shot off into the lake while he was trying to inflate it. Upon retrieving the wayward balloon, he returned to the shack as the time neared midnight. As a radio broadcast that he was listening to said that it was almost Christmas, Butz heard a sound like a gunshot, but seeing no one around, continued on his way.

It was not until Wright and his new assistant, Maya Fey, met up with him and told him that Miles Edgeworth had been arrested for killing Robert Hammond at Gourd Lake, that Butz began to realize that he had essentially witnessed the moment of the crime. Upon fully understanding this, he made it to Edgeworth's trial just as it was about to be adjourned on a guilty verdict. Butz's testimony proved to be vital to Wright in eventually proving Miles Edgeworth innocent of the crime. After the trial, Butz gave $38 to Edgeworth and confessed that he was the one who had stolen the money in the fourth grade. Edgeworth had already figured this out, but Wright was annoyed for being the only one who had remained oblivious to the truth.

Working at KB Security[]

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Wh-who is this useless-looking young man?
Butz security

Butz as a security guard.

True to form, Butz's relationship with Kiyance did not last long, either. Later on, history repeated itself with another girlfriend, Bennifer, who dumped him after he followed her to Tibet. Although he met yet another woman named Katty Tom while there, she soon dumped him as well to go to Hollywood.

Butz eventually found a job as a part-time security guard at the security company KB Security under the supervision of Wendy Oldbag. However, as soon as Oldbag had gone on vacation, Butz slacked off even more than usual. At 1:00 a.m. on the night that the company's CEO, Kane Bullard, was murdered, he left his guard duties after a confrontation with the boyfriend of Donna, another ex-girlfriend of his. Butz also found Ron DeLite's wallet and snuck out of work the next day to visit the DeLite household and return the wallet to Ron's wife Desirée, on whom he had a crush. When he arrived, he found Wright already there in the process of asking her questions about her husband, whom he was defending on larceny charges.

Butz relayed his woman troubles to Wright and claimed that he didn't trust women anymore. Seeing Maya, he told her that she had grown a lot since he had last seen her and that she was different from the other women who dumped him. He was also reminded of Maya's late sister Mia, whom he thought was beautiful. This desperation reached an even more uncomfortable level when he mentioned that he wouldn't have a problem with dating Maya's 9-year-old cousin Pearl either. He eventually did manage to provide Wright with some important evidence, namely Ron's wallet and key card. After Butz left, Desirée said that he was using lame pick-up lines and obvious flirting, contradicting his earlier statement about women.

Wright later met Butz in the security room in which he worked, in order to ask him about the night of the murder. Wright soon broke the two Psyche-Locks that Butz put up to have the latter admit to leaving his guard duties that night. With no security guards in the building, this had provided the killer with ample time to murder Bullard. When Wright confronted him about this, it led to yet another of Butz's emotional outbursts of self-blame, although he still did not want to take responsibility for his actions. It also transpired that he was unaware of the CEO's panic buzzer, and so did not know that it had gone off at the time of the murder. Even when Maya pressed the buzzer by mistake that day while she and Wright were investigating the CEO's office, Butz neglected to go and check it out. He later, after being directly asked by Maya, gave Wright the buzzer data and declared that he would help them.

"Laurice Deauxnim"[]

Larry Butz
I should have realized it sooner. Self-centered, lazy, anti-social... I'm an artist. A really good portrait artist! I'm not a loser after all!
Laurice Deauxnim

As "Laurice Deauxnim".

Four months later, Butz appeared before Wright and Maya in front of Dusky Bridge, introducing himself as "Laurice Deauxnim". He claimed that he was the apprentice of the famous children's author and illustrator Elise Deauxnim, and had become a new person after reading her picture book The Magic Bottle. He also said that he didn't like the person he was before, being unhelpful and unreliable, always causing everyone trouble, and living as a failure. As usual, he claimed that he didn't trust women anymore and immediately contradicted himself by falling for a nun at the nearby Hazakura Temple named Iris, whom he again insisted was "different". Later that night, Butz dined at the temple with Wright, Maya, Deauxnim, and the temple nuns. Butz later wrote Iris an anonymous "blackmail" letter telling Iris to meet him at Heavenly Hall or risk having the "secret" about their "love" revealed. This scared Iris (for she really did have a secret, albeit completely unrelated), causing her to stay at the main temple that night.

That night, around 11 p.m., Butz was sleeping at Heavenly Hall, when a sudden flash of lightning woke him up. Looking up, he saw that Dusky Bridge had been struck by lightning and was now ablaze. He also saw a hooded figure, which he assumed was Iris, flying over the bridge. Butz drew the "incredible" sight he had just seen and then ran up towards the bridge.

Ten minutes later, Wright arrived at the bridge and told Butz that Deauxnim had been murdered and to phone the police while he crossed the bridge to ensure the safety of Maya, who was training in the Inner Temple on the other side. Wright ignored Butz's warnings about his safety and pushed him away before attempting to cross the burning bridge, which almost immediately collapsed, sending Wright falling down into the Eagle River below before Butz could stop him. Butz called the police, who arrested Iris for the crime. Wright was found and hospitalized. Butz, still in a panic, called Edgeworth, telling him what had just transpired and to come right away, though Butz exaggerated and claimed that Wright was dying, when in reality he had caught a cold but was otherwise unharmed. Butz and Wright managed to convince Edgeworth to temporarily take the latter's place as Iris's defense attorney (despite him being a prosecutor) until Wright recovered.

While Edgeworth was investigating, he asked Butz about what he was doing on the night of the murder, but the latter refused to tell him, causing Edgeworth to see three Psyche-Locks and leading the prosecutor to investigate further. Later on, Edgeworth cornered Butz at Heavenly Hall. He soon found out about the "blackmail" letter, but Butz refused to talk about the "incredible" sight he had seen and five more locks appeared.

At the trial the next day, Edgeworth called Butz as a witness, who was whipped continuously by Franziska von Karma (or "Franzy", as he called her) due to Butz's repeated asking of whether she would model for a picture book inspired by her, Franzy's Whippity-Whip Trip. During the trial, Butz said that he was sick of being pushed about and losing to them, so he would show them evidence and defeat Edgeworth in court. His evidence turned out to be the picture he had drawn, causing the entire court to question his sanity. He also showed them a jewel he found near the bridge, which was from the victim's staff. It was later proven that his picture was actually drawn upside-down since Butz was lying on his back when the event occurred, and that the "flying" figure he had seen had really been swung under the bridge.


Butz's drawing.

The next day, Wright was discharged and the bridge was repaired, though only Pearl was found on the Inner Temple side. Pearl eventually joined Butz at Heavenly Hall, or the "Loser's Shack" as Butz called it. The two shared stories of their failures, with Pearl complimenting Butz on his drawing skills. Pearl had failed to channel a spirit that her mother had told her to channel, and believed that she had lost her power. Wright eventually found the two and learned about Pearl's predicament. This information proved to be vital and helped him win the case.

After Iris was acquitted, Butz said that even when he changed his name and his job, he was still useless after all. Wright, Edgeworth, and even von Karma tried to cheer him up by saying that, without the evidence he had brought to the trial, Wright would have lost. They praised his drawings and told him he was improving a lot, which made Butz regain his self confidence. He joined detective Dick Gumshoe and the others for a celebratory meal in Trés Bien, and drew a portrait of the gang. Butz claimed that he would continue his art career but, barely a month later, he was seen pursuing an entirely different one.

As the Steel Samurai[]

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Miles Edgeworth
I will never accept you as the Steel Samurai!
Steel Butz

Butz as the Steel Samurai.

After supposedly giving up on his Laurice Deauxnim business after being duped by a girl named Banjolina, Butz, now trying to impress another girl, specifically an actress named Mindy, got a job portraying the Steel Samurai at a stage show at the Cohdopian Embassy's Theatrum Neutralis that was being held to celebrate peace talks between the nations of Allebahst and Babahl. Some time before the performance, Butz managed to ruin his spear prop while playing around with it, forcing the director to change the ending of the play. Afterwards, Butz signed a Steel Samurai autograph for Miles Edgeworth on his way to the Ambassador's Office, an event that would later cause Edgeworth, a fan of the franchise, much grief upon finding out the Samurai's true identity. Unaware that Mindy was out and Wendy Oldbag had to stand in for her as the Pink Princess, Butz took to the roof of the embassy during his break, trying to sneak into the room of the Pink Princess actress's room via the chimney. His suspicious behavior, compounded with him leaving a sword prop in the same room in which a murder took place, led to him once again being accused of murder. However, Butz's name was quickly cleared when the true nature of his actions came to light and the real murder weapon was found to have been the Primidux Statue that was in the room. Furthermore, upon meeting Franziska von Karma once again, Butz again extended his proposal to her modelling for his picture book, "Franzy's Whippity-Whip Trip", although predictably, von Karma violently refused.

Later, Butz and Oldbag came to Edgeworth's assistance when the latter was trying to prove the guilt of Quercus Alba, even though Edgeworth has hardly pleased to see either of them. Despite his friend's attitude, however, Butz was actually of some use, helping Edgeworth to discover how the body of the victim had been moved.

Mindy left for Japan after the events at the embassy, but Butz almost immediately met another girl named Miharu who convinced him to travel to Paris to sell "blue dogs" (literally blue hot dogs).

Back at Gourd Lake[]

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Not long after the incident at the embassy, Zheng Fa president Di-Jun Wang arrived at Gourd Lake to deliver a speech. While preparing the stage upon which the speech would take place, one of the red balloons used as a decoration burst, so the bodyguards hastily borrowed a Steel Samurai balloon from a "poser" running a stand nearby, and used it to replace the burst balloon. The president was not made aware of this, and during his speech, the wind caused a nearby flag to flutter and block the balloon from his view.

At the Zodiac Art Gallery[]

This article contains information about Ace Attorney media that has been released only in Japan.

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Shocked after Dane Gustavia collapses in front of him.

Not unexpectedly, Miharu soon left Butz, and so he decided to return to his artistic career as "Laurice Deauxnim". He went to the Zodiac Art Gallery to paint the Gemini sculpture for yet another girlfriend named Mandy, he had picked up. When he arrived, the entrance was empty, and he went in, not knowing that he was supposed to pay a fee. He went to the door of what he believed was the "Winter Palace", the room that contained the Gemini sculpture, only to find it locked. Suddenly, Dane Gustavia opened the door and collapsed in front of him, having just triggered a poison gas trap. Edgeworth was also at the scene and questioned the stubborn Butz, managing to learn that he had seen the Gemini sculpture "transform". It turned out that someone had disguised the "Autumn Palace" as the Winter Palace, and the supposed Gemini sculpture was really the Pisces sculpture. Prosecutor Eustace Winner accused Butz of setting the trap, but Edgeworth soon disproved Winner's flimsy logic.

Larrehdraw women

The drawing.

Butz spent the rest of the day drawing the three women involved in the investigation: Katherine Hall, Delicia Scones, and Verity Gavèlle. At one point he saw Hall's service cart and tried to pour a cup of tea for Gavèlle, but he broke the teapot and switched it with another that he found under the service cart. He then saw Hall entering the "Summer Palace" with the service cart, only to reappear with a lift trolley. The events that Butz witnessed and drew were used to prove that Hall had hidden the long-dead body of Pierre Hoquet in a sculpture, as the tablecloth in the drawing was switched. The drawing failed to impress his current girlfriend and she left him, leaving him to contemplate whether he should do something else with his life, or just pursue his new girlfriend.

The pterodactyl, the bride, & the airship[]

Larry Wedding

Being thrown out of Wyatt's wedding reception.


Butz's drawing of the "pterodactyl".

Nine years after the events at the art gallery, Butz had managed to become a somewhat acclaimed picture book author after he finally succeded in publishing his book "Franzy's Whippity-Whip Trip", under his "Laurice Deauxnim" pseudonym. In September 2028, Butz supplied materials for Sorin Sprocket and Ellen Wyatt's wedding. While there, he fell in love with Wyatt, but was soon evicted from the wedding reception, owing to the fact that he wasn't invited, and locked in one of the Flying Chapel airship's cabins. During this time, a powerful windstorm hit the park where the airship was moored. Much to Butz's surprise, what appeared to be a "pterodactyl" suddenly flew past the cabin window, and he quickly made a sketch of what he had seen.

Shortly after this bizarre incident, Butz managed to escape his confinement, and was still intent on impressing Wyatt. He came across her in the hold, where he helped wheel a large "Pegabull" lantern to the reception hall. However, it was soon revealed that the body of head servant Dumas Gloomsbury had been stashed inside, leading to Wyatt being accused of his murder. With no-one willing to believe her story, Wyatt appealed to Butz to help her, claiming she had been attacked by Gloomsbury and traveled back in time. Butz eagerly agreed, whereupon he helped her evade the police blockade by claiming he was carrying an armed bomb, and rushed to Wright's office to beg for his help, which his old friend eventually acquiesced to.

Wright interviewed Butz as a part of his subsequent investigation, although the latter was being even less cooperative as usual. Butz later testified in Wyatt's trial, which once again pitted Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth against one another as defense attorney and prosecutor, respectively. It was eventually revealed that the "pterodactyl" he had seen during the storm was actually a piece of the park's wooden map that had been destroyed during the storm, much to Butz's chagrin. However, this proved vital in Wright's discovery of what had really happened.

Butz was later invited to Wyatt and Sprocket's wedding, where he accidentally caught the bridal bouquet. However, his delight soon proved short-lived, as he was quickly found himself fleeing from an irate Maya Fey, Athena Cykes, and Ema Skye.


Larry Butz Mugshot

As Wright's first client.

Larry Butz T&T Mugshot

As a security guard.

Laurice Deauxnim Mugshot

As "Laurice Deauxnim".

Miles Edgeworth
Your very existence being a contradiction, I'm not sure if you can grasp this or not...

Butz is very naive and loud-mouthed, much to the chagrin of those around him. He talks and acts without thinking, even in trying circumstances that demand the utmost seriousness, such as during his own murder trial, or when confronting a suspected killer. The wide variety of trouble this has gotten him into led to the saying at his school, "When something smells, it's usually the Butz." Such is the frequency of these incidents that Butz habitually lies to and otherwise hides information from even his closest friends out of embarrassment, forcing them to coax the truth out of him, as his information is often critical to a case. He also has a tendency to switch between jobs and "girlfriends" rather frequently, despite the occasional claims of wanting this to change. Regardless of these quirks, Butz ultimately cares about Wright and Edgeworth and does his best to stand by them when they need his help most.

Despite typically being seen, by others as well as himself, as a very useless young man, he does have talent for art, at least when he puts time and effort into it. His stint as an artist produced surprisingly impressive drawings, and he was able to craft two automated clocks in the shape of "The Thinker". His quick sketches are considerably worse in quality, such as his drawing of Dusky Bridge as it was burning, or the Steel Samurai's Autograph he quickly made for Edgeworth. As well as these examples, his performance as the Steel Samurai was described by Edgeworth (a great fan of the franchise) as quite moving (much to his chagrin once he learned who was under the mask), which would imply that he's quite the talented stage actor as well. Although Butz was able to achieve some success as a picture book author artist by 2028, this appears to have been a "one-hit wonder."


Larry Butz
She's the one with the hots for me! I just know it! I can feel her sexy beam piercing my heart when she's watching me! Seeeeeexy beam, I tell you!

It seems that Butz's biggest priority in life is to find a girlfriend. Even though he says that he was close to his many girlfriends, he seems oblivious to what they are actually doing. His girlfriends are almost always models and are rarely seen, often being out of town on a photoshoot. Such is the number of his past flings, that Butz himself has expressed a sort of personal policy of his to never date two girls with the same name.

The earliest known example was Cindy Stone, who was not only murdered, but had been dating several other "sugar daddies", as prosecutor Winston Payne put it. Ironically, Stone seems to have been the closest thing to a serious girlfriend that Butz has ever had, as her travelling with the heavy clock Butz had made implies that she may have had feelings, or at least fondness, for him too. The same cannot be said for his later choices.

Months later, Butz briefly mentioned another woman who was also a model, named Kiyance, who then moved to Paris and "left him behind". After her, Butz dated another, unnamed girl, being forced, while she was in Hawaii, to work at a cheese shop in order to pay for her spending habits. After her, Butz met and romanced Bennifer, and followed her all the way to Japan before being once again dumped. While in Japan, Butz met the actress Katty Tom, but would once again be left behind when she chose Hollywood over him. At some unspecified time, Butz also dated someone named Pearl, a girl named Naomi, who apparently had a pretty powerful slap, and another named Alexys; the break-up with the latter ended up so badly, that even after it Alexys continued to ask Butz for money periodically in a blackmail-like manner. There was also a certain Miranda, known for her mighty punches.

Two years after being left by Bennifer, he flirted with the married Desirée DeLite while working as a security guard for KB Security; the night before, Butz was dating someone named Donna, but was abruptly dumped after she called to ask him to meet her, only to find her new boyfriend next to her, the guy promptly punching Butz in the mouth. Four months later, Butz was shown to have a crush on both Iris and Franziska von Karma, even going as far as thinking about marrying Iris. Neither of these women were interested either, since Iris was still in love with "Feenie" and von Karma viewed him with distaste. In fact, Butz had only managed to accidentally scare Iris when he sent a poorly worded letter that was easily mistaken for blackmail.

After being dumped by a woman named Banjolina, the relationship having apparently not lasted a week, Butz, during his time as the Steel Samurai, developed a crush on the Pink Princess actress called Mindy. Unfortunately for Butz, Mindy showed absolutely no interest. His infatuation led him to accidentally send a love letter, to Wendy Oldbag, who had taken over Mindy's role due to illness, the letter furthermore being once again so poorly worded that he sounded like a stalker. He then tried a relationship with a woman named Miharu, lasting not even a month, and then another one named Mandy immediately after, who dumped him after seeing that Butz had sketched all the various women he had met while at the Zodiac Art Gallery, mainly Katherine Hall and Verity Gavèlle, as Butz was quickly smitten by them.

On September 21, 2028, Butz even attempted to crash a wedding reception, having been smitten by the bride, Ellen Wyatt, on sight, in order to woo her, the attempt predictably failing. He later helped her temporarily escape from police custody in order to ask for Wright's help, an action that did earn Butz her gratitude, but nothing more.

It is possible that Butz's failure in relationships is due to his inability to articulate his feelings in a romantic way. He has written at least two love letters, but both were interpreted as anything but romantic, appearing more like blackmail letters. Butz can also come across as needy and desperate when it comes to women, often making the moves on pretty much any girl that catches his eye, and even going after multiple women at the same time. However, he has shown to be quite devoted to the woman he is properly dating at the time, working a variety of menial jobs in order to pay for lavish dates, though this ultimately never works out in his favor.


Phoenix Wright
Liar! You're Larry! Your clothes may change, but you're still the Butz.
  • Japanese - Masashi Yahari (矢張 政志):
    • "Yahari" (矢張), his Japanese surname, means "I knew it" or "of course".
    • "Masashi" (政志), his given name, comes from "Masashiku", which means "with certainty". Characters in the Japanese version will state that "when something happens, of course it's Yahari" (jiken no kage ni, yappari Yahari).
  • English - Larry Butz
    • "Larry" was likely chosen due to its similarity to "Harry", thus allowing him to be mistakenly referred to as "Harry Butz" by Dick Gumshoe and Mia Fey in the English version (a play on "hairy butts"). The choice of first name might also refer to the phrase "happy as Larry", which is used to refer to someone who is extremely happy and carefree. Incidentally, "Larry" is a diminutive of "Laurence/Lawrence", which is believed to be derived from the Latin word for the laurel tree, the leaves of which were often used to symbolize a victor, particularly in Roman and Ancient Greek culture. This could be an ironic reference to how others see him.
    • "Butz" was likely chosen so characters can joke "when something smells, it's usually the Butz". It may also be a play on "klutz", a word for a clumsy or stupid person.
  • French - Paul Defès
    • His full name is a pun on "poil des fesses", which means buttock hair. In the French language version, characters will state "quand Paul Defès arrive, tout part à la dérive" which means "when Paul Defès shows up, everything's going downhill".


  • Brazilian Portuguese - Mauro Vário:[2]
    • "Mauro" means "moor, dark-skinned"; is used by the range of possible nicknames, such as Mário, Vauro, and Lauro.
    • "Vário" is an invented surname; it can mean "diverse", "unstable", "that doesn't settle down", created to adapt the famous saying about the character at the time of elementary school, "se tem treta só pode ser o Vário, pra variar" (if there's trouble, it can only be Vário, for a change).
  • Vietnamese - Bùi Gia Hy
    • Bùi sounds similar to Butz, an allusion to his English surname. It follows a stereotype for Vietnamese that these people with this surname are known to be very friendly but crude and shameless.
    • Gia Hy is the pronounciation variation of both his English & Japanese name (Yahari/Larry). Gia Huy, a more popular name pronunciation, is used for the equivalent of Harry/Yappari. The famous saying in Vietnamese version is "Nếu rằng việc đó đang Nghi, thì ai cũng biết Gia Hy lớp mình" (If there's suspicious event happens, everyone will know that Gia Hy in our class is involved) in Vietnamese Luc Bat poem.
  • Russian - Etto Yahari (Fan-translation by Dant):[3]
    • Etto is similar to the word "это" (it), so the school joke goes like this: "На самом деле, это Этто в деле" ("In fact, Etto did it").
  • Thai - Theeradon "Tu" Maklak (ธีรดนย์ มากหลาก):[4]
    • His first name, Theeradon (ธีรดนย์) means “son who is a sage” which might sound contradictory to his personality, but it will be further explained below why this is appropriate.
    • His last name, Maklak (มากหลาก) came from two words: มาก (Mak) means “a lot”, and หลาก (Lak) means “various/strange”. This could be interpreted as “the son of a sage with a lot of strange variety”, which is very fitting for him.
    • His full name also is mistakenly said by May (เมย์) (Mia Fey) in Thai spoonerism as ธีรดาก มากล้น (Theeradak Maklon) which translates roughly to “having a lot of asses”. This is a reference to his English name.
    • His nickname, ตุ๊ (Tu), is named for the phrase, “ถ้ามีอะไรตุ ๆ ต้องเป็นไอ้ตุ๊แน่นอน” which is the localization of “If anything smells, it’s usually the Butz”.


  • Larry Butz was originally intended to be an ordinary office worker who would only appear in Turnabout Goodbyes, but when The First Turnabout was added later in development, Shu Takumi decided to reuse the character to save time on character design and asset creation. Butz underwent many changes, including being a prickly tough guy at one point, before settling on his role as the quirky friend of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth.[5] His encore appearance was a well-received element of the first game's story, thereby leading to the sequels intentionally bringing back old characters.
  • According to Shu Takumi, everybody in the staff of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney hated Larry Butz except him.[6]
  • Butz was made left-handed after a brush was added to his "thumbs-up" pose for his "Laurice Deauxnim" sprites.[5]
Larry - Confident (HD)

The "lost" animation.


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    Butz: Huh!? Maya, you shouldn't have! A love letter for me!?
    Maya: Uh, no. Sorry. This is a blackmail letter.
    Butz: Whaaaaat!? How do you know about that, Maya!?
    Maya: Huh?
    Butz: How much is Alexis demanding this time!?
    Phoenix: Huh? Who is this "Alexis"?
    Maya: Didn't we show him this letter yesterday, too? I'm pretty sure we did...
    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations. Capcom. Episode: The Stolen Turnabout (in English). 2007.