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Lauren Paups
Oh, this is bad. He's really good looking! Ack! Stop it, Lauren! You can't let yourself fall for a playboy like him! You're in love with...
Kay Faraday
Sounds like someone doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "inner monologue", huh?

Lauren Paups was a witness in the apparent kidnapping of Lance Amano.

Early life[]


The Pegasus pendant.

Paups was the daughter of Colin Devorae, an employee of the Amano Group under Ernest Amano. Her father's job had him fly around the world, so Paups ended up befriending the Amano family, including Ernest's son Lance. Paups has stated that she and Lance met on a crosswalk when she was so engrossed in eating a loaf of bread that she ran right into him. Around the time of the KG-8 Incident, her father broke the wings off a Pegasus pendant, gave it to her, and told her that he would be on a particularly long trip this time, but promised that he would return. Later on, the Amano family hired a butler, Oliver Deacon, and over the years Lance and Paups fell in love.

"Kidnapping" plot[]

Main article: The Kidnapped Turnabout

Ten years later, Lance fell into debt. He came up with a way of getting the money he needed by staging a fake kidnapping of himself and then collecting $1 million of ransom money from his father. To pull the plan off, he enlisted Paups, telling her that he intended to start a new life with her. Deacon also decided to join them.

The plan was to have Ernest deliver the ransom to Gatewater Land. The "kidnappers" each wore a Badger costume to avoid detection: Lance in the Proto Badger, Paups in the Blue Badger and Deacon in the Bad Badger. The three worked out the details of the plan inside a room in the Wild, Wild West area of the park. When a family friend, Miles Edgeworth, arrived to deliver the ransom, Lance and Deacon directed Edgeworth to the haunted house while Paups waited elsewhere.

Couple o Badgers

The two collaborators panic as their plan goes awry.

However, the plot took a turn for the worse. Lance told Paups that Deacon had attacked him at the haunted house, but he had managed to restrain him and take him to Wild, Wild West. When Paups arrived, Lance showed her an unconscious figure in a Bad Badger costume in the next room. Lance then gave Paups a gun for protection. However, as the two made their escape, Paups received a call on her cellphone from Lance telling her that Deacon had escaped with the ransom and was heading for the stadium. Paups ran into the Bad Badger there, who aimed a gun at her, and Paups shot him. Shocked at the gravity of her actions, she threw the murder weapon and her costume into the sea.

Later on, Paups wandered into Wild, Wild West and met Miles Edgeworth, who was investigating Deacon's murder, and became smitten with him. Later on, Lance was found in the stadium, and Paups's costume was found in the water, containing Paups's piece of the Pegasus pendant. The jig was up, and Paups confessed to killing Deacon. However, Edgeworth had already found Colin Devorae's piece of the pendant on Oliver Deacon's body and discovered that Deacon was, in fact, Colin Devorae, who had been imprisoned, but had escaped and found sanctuary at the Amano household to watch over his daughter. Edgeworth further deduced that Lance had given Paups the prop gun on the Bad Badger costume, and then pretended to be Deacon in the stadium by wearing a Bad Badger head instead of his Proto Badger head.

Edgeworth concluded that Lance was the real killer. To cover up his crime, Lance had attempted to frame Paups by kidnapping Edgeworth - who was the unconscious "Deacon" who Lance had "captured" earlier - and then setting up the encounter at the stadium. However, Ernest stepped in and tried cover up his son's crime, first by finding the real murder weapon, which contained Paups's fingerprints, and then by buying the haunted house, which had been determined to be the true crime scene, and refusing Edgeworth access to it. Nonetheless, using a simulation device, Edgeworth was able to determine the true circumstances behind the murder. It turned out that Lance had found out about Oliver Deacon's true identity and coerced him into the kidnapping plot. However, Devorae had attacked Lance in the haunted house, forcing Lance to kill him in self-defense.

Paups was thus cleared of all suspicion. Edgeworth assured her that her father's actions were out of his love for her. This served only to intensify Paups's crush on him.


Himeko Orito


Lauren Paups is very shy and rarely likes talking to people. She has no sense of internal monologue, often being heard saying things to bolster her confidence aloud, but takes a pair of scissors to her hair whenever she feels deeply ashamed or distressed. Although Paups did not actually cut any of her hair during Edgeworth's encounter with her, the contrast between the locks of her hair at the front and the shortness at the back indicate that this was not so in the past.

She appears to have a fondness for ring pops and developed a crush on Edgeworth. After the resolution of her father's murder, she also appeared to have developed a crush on the detention guard.


  • Japanese - Himeko Orito (織戸姫子):
    • "Himeko Orito", when written in the Asian format of family name first, becomes "Orito Himeko", likely meant to be a play on "Orihime". Orihime (織姫, lit. "Weaving Princess") is the Japanese name for the star Vega. According to the story of Tanabata, the Japanese star festival, Orihime and Hikoboshi (彦星, lit. "Cow Herder Star", the Japanese name for the star Altair) are lovers only allowed to meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar. They are separated by the Milky Way for the rest of the year. "Hikaru", Lance Amano's Japanese name, is likely meant to be a play on Hikoboshi. The Amano family is called the Amanogawa family in the original Japanese version of the game. Amanogawa (天の川, lit. "heavenly river") is the Japanese word for the Milky Way.
  • English - Lauren Paups:
    • Her English name "Lauren Paups" is a play on "lollipops" (this is more obvious if her nickname "Lolli" is used instead), a reference to the lollipop ring she wears.
    • "Paups" could also be a shortened form of "pauper" (a poor person), since her family is less well off compared to the Amano family.
  • French (Unofficial) - Noémie Zérable:
    • In the unofficial French fan translation, her name is "Noémie Zérable", which is a play with the French word "misérable", which means "wretched".
  • Russian (Unofficial) - Lola Paups (Лола Попс):
    • Just like in English, it's a play on "lollipops", with the name Lauren being changed to Lola to make the pun more obvious.


Lauren Paups has brown eyes and short spiky brown hair with long side locks. Her hair is short at the back, despite her two long locks, the implication being that she has cut her hair in that area the way she frequently threatens to cut her locks in her animations.[1] She wears a black dress with white cuffs and collar, a white apron tied in a bow, white stockings, black heeled shoes, a pink bandana with yellow spots, and a pink ring pop on her left ring finger. She has a band-aid on her left elbow.