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Layton's Office
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Layton's Office
People to meet Hershel Layton
Luke Triton
Espella Cantabella
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Layton's office is a location in London belonging to Professor Hershel Layton. The room itself is filled with various books, mineral samples, and archaeological artifacts.


  • On the green table behind the couch in the office, a featureless statue with two deep eyes, a wide mouth, and two featureless arms can be seen to the right of Layton's gramophone (although only in cutscenes, as it is "off-screen" in the background image). This is likely intended to be a haniwa, which are terracotta clay figures made for use in rituals and as funerary objects in Japan's ancient Kofun period. Although originally coming in many shapes and styles and depicting all manner of subjects in real-life, variations of the type as depicted in Layton's office are more common in popular culture (e.g., the Cappy enemies in the Kirby video game series and the gyroids in the Animal Crossing video game series).

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