Legal League of Attorneys
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Organization type Legal association
Status Active

The Legal League of Attorneys is an international organization tied to the defense attorney profession. It was at the request of the League that Phoenix Wright, accompanied by his assistant Maya Fey, visited London on an exchange.

A "simple textbook trial"[edit | edit source]

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During the exchange, Wright was unexpectedly called upon to represent Espella Cantabella in court on charges of theft and assault. It was supposedly meant to be an unofficial and by-the-books trial, with the defendant even pleading guilty, so all Wright had to do was accept the punishment proposed by the prosecution. However, Wright soon noticed that there was something off about his client from the outset, who consistently displayed next to no emotion.

Wright decided that he would defend Cantabella regardless, especially after discovering that the testimony of the prosecution's witness, Johnny Smiles, was faulty, and that the prosecution hadn't investigated the case properly. This was to the shock of Prosecutor Flynch, who proclaimed that such a thing wasn't how it was "supposed to be".

Wright ultimately ended up proving that Cantabella was innocent of all charges, and revealed that the assault victim, Olivia Aldente, was in fact a jewel thief who was smuggling stolen jewels out of London.

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